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Patriarch Jacobus Maria DeJesus, D.D.


Saint Thomas Aquinas Converts Abortion Doctor

“These Children are the Ones You Killed With Your Abortions.”

Dr. Stojan Adasevic was an Abortion Doctor in Communist Serbia for many years.

Recently, it was reported that this Abortion Doctor had been having frequent dreams, and even nightmares, about children.

Communists, of course, are anti-God, and, therefore, are oblivious to the Truth that at the instant of human conception, Almighty God infuses a rational Soul into that newly-conceived human being.

So, while working in a Communist hospital, Dr. Stojan Adasevic aborted about 48,000 unborn human beings during the course of 26 years.

But Dr. Stojan Adasevic suddenly stopped doing abortions as the result of the frequent dreams, and even nightmares, he was having about children.

According to a report found in La Razon, (“The Reason”, a.k.a. “Reason”), which is the name used by a number of newspapers in the Spanish-speaking world, Dr. Adasevic revealed that he had been having many dreams “about a beautiful field full of children and young people who were playing and laughing, from four to 24 years of age, but who ran away from him in fear. A man dressed in black and white clothes stared at him in silence”.

Dr. Adasevic also reported that this same “dream” was repeated each night which resulted in his waking up in a cold sweat. One night Dr. Stojan asked the man in the black and white clothes, who was also in his scary dream, who he was.  The man in the black and white clothes answered: “My name is Thomas Aquinas”.

Of course, at that time, Dr. Adasevic had never heard of “Thomas Aquinas” for the obvious reason that Communist schools do not teach the Faith of the Catholic Church. This also explains why Dr. Adasevic did not know that the “ man dressed in black and white clothes” was wearing the Traditional Religious Habit of the Dominican Order of Friars Preachers, a.k.a. the Dominicans as is clearly evident in the above picture of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Dr. Adasevic asked “Thomas Aquinas”: “Who are these children?”

Saint Thomas Aquinas bluntly answered:  “They are the ones you killed with your abortions.”

So it is no surprise that Dr. Adasevic awoke in shock and fear. Thereupon, he made the decision to refuse to have anything to do with any more abortions.

But Dr. Adasevic had a dilemma because when he went to work the next day, one of his cousins came to the hospital with his pregnant girlfriend, both of whom wanted an abortion.  Reluctantly, he said he agreed to do it.  He described his horrifying experience of what happened in a documentary called “The First Hour”, saying:

“I grabbed something, crushed it a little, removed it, and threw it onto a cloth. I look, and I see a hand – quite a large hand. The child was 3, perhaps 4 months old. I had no tape to measure it...  As I pull out the mess, thinking it will be bone fragments, I lay it on the cloth, I look, and I see a human heart, contracting and expanding and beating, beating, beating. I thought I would go mad. I can see that the heartbeat is slowing, ever more slowly, and more slowly still, until it finally stops completely. Nobody could’ve seen what I had seen with my very own eyes, and be more convinced than I was — I had killed a human being.”
This experience left Dr. Adasevic so shocked that he immediately told the Communist hospital that he would never do another abortion.  However, because he was living in a Communist country, his decision caused problems, both for himself,  and also for his family, which, according to reports, claim that the Communist government cut his salary in half, fired his Daughter from her job, and refused to let his Son attend college.

But during this turmoil, Dr. Adasevic had another dream in which “Thomas Aquinas” encouraged him not to reverse his decision, and instead to continue his new commitment to protecting life. In the dream, he said “Thomas Aquinas” reassured him and inspired him to persevere in his anti-abortion decision.

Dr. Stojan Adasevic - Pro-Life

It is reported that, as the result of his decisive decision, Dr. Adasevic quickly became involved in the pro-life movement in his country.  He still currently continues to do this.

It is also reported that he has continued to share his personal experiences, recounted above, along with his strong pro-life  advocacy, because of his dreams, which have made him one of the strongest proponents for the lives of unborn babies in Eastern Europe.  This also explains why he has shared his very personal story, along with the truth about the lives of unborn babies, to all of the people across Eastern Europe through various news channels such as TV, newspapers, and other forums.

Editorial Commentary by Patriarch Jacobus Maria DeJesus, D.D.

We respectfully request all Readers to pray for Dr. Stojan Adasevic that the good God will continue to give him the Graces, and the Gift of Fortitude, so necessary for him to continue to do this good work.  May the good God continue to Bless him!


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V. Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus:
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R. Amen.
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