From the Desk of
Patriarch Jacobus Maria DeJesus, D.D.

Why do Catholics continue to go to theApe” [Communist] “church”, which is the opposite, the reverse, of the Roman Catholic Church?!

The Prophetic Warning of Archbishop Sheen!

“[Satan] will set up a counterchurch which will be the APE of the [Catholic] Church....  It will have all the notes and characteristics of the [Catholic] Church, but in reverse and emptied of its Divine content.”  (Archbishop Sheen,  “Communism and the Conscience of the West”, 1948.)

“6. Now I beseech you by the Mercy of the Lord, that as I will in this letter according to your desire write to you of Divine things and of the witness of a pure conscience to our Faith, no one will think to judge me by the beginning of my letter before he has read the conclusion of my argument. For it is unfair before the complete argument has been grasped, to conceive a prejudice on account of initial statements, the reason of which is yet unknown, since it is not with imperfect statements before us that we must make a decision for the sake of investigation, but on the conclusion for the sake of knowledge.   I have some fear, not about you, as God is witness of my heart, but about some who in their own esteem are very cautious and prudent but do not understand the Blessed Apostle’s precept not to think of themselves more highly than they ought: for I am afraid that they are unwilling to know all those facts, the complete account of which I will offer at the end, and at the same time they avoid drawing the true conclusion from the aforesaid facts.  But whoever takes up these lines to read and examine them has only to be consistently patient with me and with himself and peruse the whole to its completion. Perchance all this assertion of my Faith will result in those who conceal their Heresy, being unable  to practice the deception they wish, and in True Catholics attaining the object which they desire.” (Bishop Saint Hilary of Poitiers [b. at Poitiers, France in  c. 315 A.D. - d. Poitiers, France on Saturday, January 13, 368 A.D.], a married Bishop of Poitiers [350  A.D. - Saturday, January 13, 368 A.D.], Father and Doctor of the Catholic Church, “Select Works on the Trinity and Psalms”; On the Councils, or the Faith of the Easterners, ¶ 6; emphasis added.)

A Few Comparisons Between
The Roman Catholic Church
The APE” [Communist] pseudo-church

Comparison # 1

A Brief Comparison Between the 2 Different Faiths
Found in Their Respective Catechisms

The Roman Catholic Church
The APE” [Communist] church

Please Click on this Link for
A Very Brief Comparison of these 2 Catechisms

Most Catholics Do NOT Know This:



This catechism is not intended to replace the local catechisms duly approved by the ecclesiastical authorities, the diocesan Bishops and the Episcopal Conferences, especially if they have been approved by the Apostolic See.” (Pope JP-2,“Fidei Depositum”, October 11, 1992; emphasis added.) N.B.: It also does NOT replace The Catechism of the Council of Trent, either!

Comparison # 2

A Comparison Between the 2 Different Masses

The Roman Catholic Church
The APE” [Communist] church
Please Click on this Link for
Brief Video Comparisons of these 2 Masses

A Graphic Comparison of the 2 Totally Different Masses:

The Roman Catholic Church

In practical terms, this means that some of the things of .The Traditional Catholic Mass, including the Mass Celebrant facing the Altar of Sacrifice, with his back to the people in the Congregation, are a big mystery simply because it is so very, very sad that most Catholics of today know almost nothing about .The Traditional Catholic Mass, a.k.a., .The Mass.


Because certain leaders of .The APE” [Communist] .pseudo-church  .destroyed various parts of  .The Traditional Catholic Mass, a.k.a., .The MassThe leaders of this anti-Catholic APE” [Communist] .pseudo-church, who are all  .automatically. excommunicated. Apostates. and. Modernist. Heretics, and .NEW. Theology. Heretics, and who are also servants of Satan and Devils, perfectly fulfilled this Prophecy of Jesus Christ in 1902:


Which Mass IS THE MASS?


Catholic Traditional Mass in Latin
A Catholic Priest is Another Christ

NOR - Novus Ordo Rite: 
The NEW mass
NOR  priest  is - YES a Clown!!
Most NOR priests, bishops, etc.
Are Only LAYMEN!
No Sacramental Powers
No Ecclesiastical Power
Which one is Sacred, Holy, and the ONE
perfectly instituted by Jesus Christ?
Which one is a JOKE, the Presider of it a CLOWN,
and instituted by human agents of Satan?
Which one inspires reverential Devotion & Piety
and puts the focus on the Altar of Sacrifice?
Which one has mockers of the Sacred
- liturgical clowns, etc. -
with a Happy Meal, corn bread, bagels, etc.?
Which one raises the mind and the heart to God,
not the epitome of disgustingly ridiculous?
Which one uses only a fake and phony mass
that contains words which are odious in the Sight of God?
Which one Worships Almighty God,
not the Modernist Heresy of
Evolution and Changes of the Changes?
Which liturgical rite was concocted by
infamous spirits who crucified Christ
and await the kingdom of anti-Christ?
Which one Offers the Infinite Victim, Jesus Christ,
to Almighty God on the Altar of Sacrifice?
Which one throws a party of wine tasting
and finger food on a supper table - NOT an Altar?
Which one uses the Traditional Missale Romanum
which prayers offer to God a Pure, Holy, Immaculate Victim?
Which one uses the cursed liturgical books
overflowing with the filth of infectious poison?
Which one uses only the Missale Romanum
with the Law forbidding any future changes?
Which one uses only Satanic liturgical rites
written as the result of the conspiracy of evil people?
Which one has the Valid Mass Celebrant face God at the Altar
A Mediator between God and the people with back to people?
Which one has the top 40 dance hits being used in some
of its anti-Christ multiple function halls, a.k.a. churches?

A Response to the Misguided Attempt
to Defend the New mass
With Extensive Commentaries Regarding:

1) Courageous Priest Note

2) The Dangers of Attacking
the Validity of the Novus Ordo


NOR Circus mass priest playing music
6 Seconds

On the Contrary:
THE MASS is NOT An Entertainment Show!

A Brief History of the
Traditional Catholic Mass
Of the Roman Catholic Church
Known as the Ancient Roman Rite of Mass

Why Does a Catholic Mass Celebrant
Have His Back to the Congregation at .The Mass?

Why Is The Mass So Extremely Important?

Who Were the First Two Heretics
Who Attacked the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
And Denied the Divine Mystery of Transubstantiation?

The Teachings of the Fathers of the Church and Theologians
Concerning Tradition and also
The Holy Sacrifice of the Traditional Catholic Mass

Patriarch Saint Athanasius

“Let us note that the very tradition, teaching, and faith of the Catholic Church from the beginning, which the Lord gave, was preached by the Apostles, and was preserved by the Fathers. On this was the Church founded; and if anyone departs from this, he neither is, nor any longer ought to be called, a Christian.”  (Patriarch Saint Athanasius [b. Alexandria, Egypt 296 A.D. - d. Alexandria, Egypt on Wednesday, May 2, 373A.D.], Patriarch of Alexandria, Egypt, Father of Orthodoxy in the Catholic Church, “Letter to Serapion of Thmuis”, 359 A.D.; emphasis added.)

Saint Thomas Aquinas, O.P.

Since, therefore, the sanctification of man is in the power of God Who sanctifies, it is not for man to decide what things should be used for his sanctification, but this is determined by Divine institution.”  (Saint Thomas Aquinas, O.P., [b. 1225 A.D. in Rocca Secca, Naples, Italy - d. Wednesday, March 7, 1274 A.D. in Fossa Nuova, Italy], Doctor of the Church: “Angelic Doctor”, “Common Doctor”; “Summa Theologica”, Part III, Question 60, Article 5,  Body; emphasis added).

Saint Thomas Aquinas, O.P.

“The Apostles and their successors are God’s vicars in governing the Church which is built on Faith and the Sacraments of Faith....  Wherefore, just as they may not institute another Church, so neither may they deliver another faith, nor institute other sacraments:.... on the contrary, the Church is said to be built up with the Sacraments which flowed from the side of Christ while hanging on the cross.” (Saint Thomas Aquinas, O.P., “Summa Theologica”, Part III, Question 64, Article 2, Reply to Objection 3; emphasis added.)

Saint Thomas Aquinas, O.P.

The Sacrifice of Christis both a Sacrifice because it is offered up to Almighty God as a propitiation for our sins.....  and also a Sacrament because it is received.” (Saint Thomas Aquinas, O.P., “Summa Theologica”, Part III, Question 79, Article 5, Conclusion; emphasis added.)

Christ’s example and command was the norm for the Apostles. At this Sacrifice-called the Mass-the Apostles did only that which Christ had done.

Saint Ambrose

Saint Thomas, quoting Saint Ambrose, says: “He is unworthy who celebrates [i.e Offers] the Mystery [i.e.  the Sacrifice of the Mass] otherwise than as Christ delivered it.” (Saint Thomas Aquinas, O.P., “Summa Theologica”, Part II-II, Question 93, Article 1, Conclusion; emphasis added).

Saint Thomas explains that any clergyman, irregardless his office or the title of his office, incurs the guilt of falsehood who... “gives worship [i.e. the Mass] to God contrary to the manner established by.... Divine Authority.” (Saint Thomas Aquinas, O.P., “Summa Theologica”, Part II-II, Question 93, Article 1, Conclusion.)

Again, Saint Thomas quotes Saint Ambrose, “De Sacramentis IV”: “The Consecration is accomplished by the words and expressions of the Lord Jesus... the Priest uses... the words of Christ.  Therefore, it is Christ’s words that perfect this Sacrament.”   (Saint Thomas Aquinas, O.P., “Summa Theologica”, Part III, Question 78, Article 1, On the Contrary; emphasis added).


Here is what a self-admitted Communist did
With the NEW mess, a.k.a. mass.
He Destroyed the Form for the Consecration in the Canon of the Mass:


Automatically. .excommunicated. .Apostate, .Modernist. .Heretic, and .NEW. .Theology. .Heretic,
and anti-Catholic infiltrator, paul 6 actually admitted that he himself changed the Infallible & Unchangeable FORM for the Consecration (Decreed by Infallible Councils of Florence & Trent):
“For PASTORAL REASONS, however, and to facilitate concelebration, we have directed that the words of the Lord be identical in each form of the can [i.e. Eucharistic Prayers #1, #2, #3, and #4].  Thus, in each eucharistic prayer, we WISH that the words be as follows:  over the bread:  Accipite et Manducate ex Hoc Omnes:  Hoc Est Enim Corpus Meum, Quod Pro Vobis Tradetur; over the chalice:  Accipite et Bibite ex Eo Omnes:  Hic Est Enim Calix Sanguinis Mei Novi et Æterni Testamenti, Qui Pro Vobis et Pro Multis Effundetur in Remissionem Peccatorum.  Hoc Facite in Meam Commemorationem.  The words Mysterium Fidei, NOW TAKEN OUT OF THE CONTEXT OF THE WORDS OF CHRIST, are said by the priest as an introduction to the acclamation of the faithful.”  (Pope Paul VI, Missalis Romani, Thursday, April 3, 1969 A.D., ¶ 6; emphasis added.)

On the Contrary:

March 7, 1965
 .Automatically. .excommunicated. .Apostate, .Modernist. .Heretic,
and .NEW. .Theology. .Heretic, paul 6, of
The APE” [Communist] .pseudo-church,
a.k.a. the .anti-Catholic. Satanic. Synod. Vatican  2. pseudo-church,
Performed the First. Satanic. Synod. Vatican  2. pseudo-church. non-Latin NEW mass,
The First.anti-Catholic. Satanic. Novus Ordo Missae in the Vernacular.

ONLY The Priest, the Mass Celebrant,
Drinks the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ from the Chalice
No One Else is Permitted to Drink the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ

Comparison at Communion

Members of the Unchangeable Roman Catholic Church

Roman Catholics Receive Holy Communion Kneeling
At the Holy Communion Rail
Which Is For the Adoration of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament

A Solemn High Mass

Please Note the Communion Rail, the Altar Steps, and the Side Altars Also with Statues
Notice How Ornate the Area Is Above the Holy Altar with a Very Large Crucifix and Statues
Notice the Mass Celebrant, Mass Deacon and Sub-Deacon,
and Only Other Clergy, with the Exception, are in the Sanctuary

Note the ExceptionDue to the lack of sufficient numbers of the Clergy of lower ranks, beginning with Tonsure, boys from about 6th Grade and up, including some adult men, are permitted to function as Mass Servers.  They are the only Laity permitted to be in the Sanctuary.

Princess Grace Receiving Holy Communion on Her Tongue
While Kneeling During Her Nuptial Mass


The People at the Communion Rail
Kneel Down and place their Hands, folded in Prayer
Under the White Cloth of the Communion Rail
Notice the very humble and respectful demeanor with their heads bowed

People's Communion
Notice that it is ONLY the Priest, the Mass Celebrant
Who Carries the ONE Ciborium with the Consecrated Hosts.
He is accompanied by the Mass Deacon and Sub-Deacon
and also by two Acolytes with buring candles
As they process in dignity to the Communion Rail where
ONLY the Mass Celebrant, the Priest, will Administer the Holy Eucharist

People's Communion
Notice that it is ONLY the Priest, the Mass Celebrant
Who Administers the Holy Eucharist to the Laity who
Are KNEELING at the Holy Communion Rail.

Also notice that the Laity Receive ONLY
The Sacred Consecrated Host on their Tongue
NOT, standing, NOT in their hands,
and NOT the Precious Blood in any Chalice

Also notice that the Mass Deacon holds the Paten under the chin
of each Communicant in case a Sacred Consecrated Host
Accidentally falls, either from the Priest, or from the Communicant

Brief Video of an Ancient Roman Rite
Traditional Catholic Solemn High Mass
The Celebrant of the Mass Administering
Holy Communion onto the tongue
to the Faithful who are kneeling
at the Holy Communion Rail
1 Minute, 31 Seconds

An Ignorance of History Can Kill!

A Few clergy of the Always Changing
APE” [Communist] pseudo-church

Dancing priests During NOR mass
A Bunch of Modern-Day Judases
14 Seconds

A Few Members of the Always Changing
APE” [Communist] pseudo-church

Former Roman Catholics Stand for the Unconsecrated Bread and Wine
Because the local APE” [Communist] pseudo-churches
Have No.Valid.Masses and No .Valid.Sacraments
Therefore, it lets Duped Catholics, with a Fancy Title, Function as
Nothing More Than Glorified Bartenders as they Stand with the Free Wine:


Comparison # 3

A Comparison Between the Different Rites for the Holy Sacraments
Found in Their Respective Rituals


Pontificale Romanum
1891 Edition
Ancient Roman Rite
Catholic Church

Anglican Ordinals
1549 and 1552
Edwardine Rite
Church of England

Roman Pontifical
in English - 1969
Novus Ordo Rite
Synod Vatican 2 church

A Side-by-Side Comparison of
Three Different Liturgical Rites
Used for the Administration of
The Sacrament of the Holy Priesthood


Pontificale Romanum, 1891 Edition
of The Ancient Roman Rite
of The Catholic Church

Roman Pontifical
NEW 1968 Version
of the
Novus Ordo Rite
The NEW Synod Vatican 2 church

Two Episcopal Consecrations
In a Traditional Roman Catholic Catacomb
Episcopal Consecrator using a copy of
The 1891 edition of the Traditional
 Pontificale Romanum
Rubrics and Texts Follow Below

One Episcopal Consecration
In a .Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church
Principal consecrator and consecrating bishops
Using the NEW 1968 edition of the
Roman Pontifical
Rubrics and Texts Follow Below

A Comparison of the Two Liturgical Rites for
The Administration of the Sacrament of the Episcopacy

Dear Readers,

For those of you who have read the above comparisons of the Liturgical Rites for the Administration of the Sacraments of the Priesthood and the Episcopacy, but who want Ecclesiastical, Theological,
Liturgical Proofs, Reasons, and/or Additional Details, please read the following with the link.

Thank You for your Interest.

God Bless You!

Patriarch Jacobus Maria DeJesus, D.D.


ALL Laymen, Ordained AS: Deacons, Priests and Bishops,
With the 1968 [or later edition(s) of the] Roman Pontifical, Are Still LAYMEN!

Need, or want, the Ecclesiastical, Theological,
Liturgical Proofs, Reasons, and Additional Details?

Read the Proofs, Reasons, etc., for Yourself at:


Opening Page
The Title Page
1925 Edition

Volume One Which Contains the
Rite for the Christian Initiation of Infants
Innovation on Monday, June 1, 1970 in the
Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church..

A Side-by-Side Comparison of
The Rite for the Administration of
The Sacrament of Baptim for Infants




Additional Data of Interest



The All-Seeing Eye Freemasonic Symbol is on the Pectoral Cross of the Freemason, and  .automatically. .excommunicated. .Apostate, .Modernist. .Heretic, and .NEW. .Theology. .Heretic, pope 2nd john 23rd, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli [Tuesday, October 28, 1958 - Monday, June 3, 1963].

They would elect a Pope of conciliation. The choice has already fallen on the patriarch of Venice - RoncalliChosen by whom?” I rejoined, surprised.  By our Masonic representatives in the Conclave, responded placidly my kind escort. And then it escaped me:

There are Freemasons in the Conclave?”  Certainly, was the reply,   the Church is in our hands. I rejoined perplexed:  “Who, then, is in charge in the Church?” After a brief pause, the voice of my escort uttered precisely: No one can say where the upper echelons are. The echelons are occult.

How Ironic!

Stop the CouncilStop the Council!
2nd pope john 23rd on his deathbed.

Quoted in Kevin Haney, “The Stormy History of General Councils,” Latin Mass Magazine, Spring 1995.  Attributed to Jean Guitton [b. at Saint-Étienne, Loire, in East-Central France on Sunday, August 18, 1901 - d. at Paris, France on Sunday, March 21, 1999]. Jean Guitton was the only layman to serve as a peritus (expert) at Synod Vatican 2.

This was also reported by Michael Davies in Apologia Pro Marcel Lefebvre.   Mr. Davies claims that 2nd pope john 23rd attempted to stop Synod Vatican 2 at the end of the first session. Davies further stated that 2nd pope john 23rd, in the final days and hours of his life, repeatedly urged: “Stop the Council! Stop the Council!”.

How ironic coming from the .automatically. .excommunicated. .Apostate, .Modernist. .Heretic, and .NEW. .Theology. .Heretic, pope 2nd john 23rd, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli [Tuesday, October 28, 1958 - Monday, June 3, 1963]!  One foot into eternity, so to speak, apparently gives one 20-20 vision!



This was two years after his 1956 meeting of a delegation of four Anglican priests and a layman who stayed with him some ten days... the meetings were clandestine in the extreme...  (Bernard Clinton Pawley, Archdeacon of Canterbury, and Margaret Pawley, Rome and Canterbury Through Four Centuries: A Study of the Relations Between the Church of Rome and the Anglican Churches 1530-1981, London & Oxford, 1974, ISBN: 9780264661230).

Bernard Clinton Pawley




Do not be one of those timourous physicians who like their tranquility more than the saving of the sick...  Even though Salome should dance before Herod, should ask for John's head and should obtain it from the detestable King, John's duty is to cry out: NON LICET! [It is not permitted!].” (Bishop Saint Ivo of Chartres, a.k.a. Yves, I’ve, Yvo  [b. Beauvais, France or Auteuil, France, c. 1040 A.D. - d. Chartres, France, Tuesday, May 30, 1116 A.D.], Bishop of Chartres [1090 A.D. - Tuesday, May 30, 1116 A.D.], Letter # 24, To Bishop Hugh of Lyons, October, 1094 A.D.)

It is primarily the Most Holy Sacrifice of the
that soothes the irritated anger of the Lord.

The Lord sees all the evil that wants to triumph, He sees Satan make tents on the land and assembling his friends to complete the final effort to overthrow. Never was a time so terrible, but do not be afraid! I will walk on the line with you. I will walk this line from France to Rome with my flaming sword ... I come to destroy the wicked by the Lord’s command. ‘War to Christ and death to the Church!’ That is what they sing, the wicked! They are just prolonging the existence of the afflicted. Without their prayers, the hour of God would not be suspendedIt is the Holy Sacrifice of the  [Traditional]  Mass that soothes the irritated anger of the Lord.”  (“The Breton Stigmatist”, Saint Michael the Archangel, Monday, September 29, 1879; emphasis added.)


Link to the Roman Catholic Mass


Ordinary of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Now  With  New  Additions

Some Important Data
Part One
Our Mission includes defending Dogma, Morality, and Justice.
We must warn naive people, strengthen those who are timid, and open the eyes of the blinded.

“In the face of the combined efforts of incredulity and heresy to bring about the ruin of the Catholic Faith, it would be a real crime for the Clergy [Priests and all Prelates of whatever rank of Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction] to remain in a state of hesitancy and inactivity.  In such an outpouring of error and conflict of opinion, the Clergy must not be faithless to their mission which is to defend Dogma - when it is assaulted, Morality - when it is mocked, and Justice - which is frequently outraged.”

“[To each member of the Clergy, it belongs] to make himself a road block to the attacks of error and the deceits of heresy to watch the tactics of the wicked who war against the Faith....; to unmask the plots and to reveal the ambushes and traps; they must warn naive people, strengthen those who are timid, and open the eyes of the blinded.”

Superficial erudition, or merely common knowledge, will not suffice for all of this - there is the need for the solid, profound and continuous study [by all the Clergy] of a massive amount of Doctrinal knowledge which must be sufficient to cope with the subtlety and remarkable cunning of our Modern opponents....” (Pope Leo XIII, Gioacchino Vincenzo Pecci [Wednesday, February 20, 1878 - Monday, July 20, 1903], Encyclical “Depuis Le Jour”, On the Education of the Clergy, Friday, September 8, 1899, ¶ 48 “In Doctrina”; emphasis added.)

Part Two
We Also Have A Sacred Duty

“These latter days have witnessed a notable increase in the number of the enemies of the Cross of Christ, who, by arts entirely new and full of deceit, are striving to destroy the vital energy of the Church, and, as far as in them lies, utterly to subvert the very Kingdom of Christ. Wherefore, We may no longer keep silence, lest We should seem to fail in Our most Sacred Duty, and lest the kindness that, in the hope of wiser counsels, We have hitherto shown them, should be set down to lack of diligence in the discharge of Our Office” (Pope Saint Pius X, Encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis, On the Doctrine of the Modernists, Sunday, September 8, 1907, ¶ 1; emphasis added.)
Part Three
Our Apostolic Mandate
 “Catholic Doctrine tells us that the
primary duty of Charity does not lie in the toleration of false ideas.

 “Catholic Doctrine tells us that the primary duty of Charity does not lie in the toleration of false ideas, however sincere they may be.... Catholic Doctrine further tells us that love for our neighbor flows from our love for God, Who is Father to all, and goal of the whole human family; and in Jesus Christ whose members we are, to the point that in doing good to others we are doing good to Jesus Christ Himself. Any other kind of love is sheer illusion, sterile and fleeting....”  (Pope Saint Pius X, Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto [Tuesday, August 4, 1903 - Thursday, August 20, 1914], Encyclical “Notre Charge Apostolique”, Our Apostolic Mandate, To the French Bishops, Monday, August 15, 1910, ¶ 27; emphasis added.)

“Further, whilst Jesus was kind to sinners and to those who went astray, He did not respect their false ideas, however sincere they might have appeared. He loved them all, but He instructed them in order to convert them and save them....   they show in Our Lord Jesus Christ something quite different from an inconsistent and impotent humanitarianism.”  (Pope Saint Pius X, Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto [Tuesday, August 4, 1903 - Thursday, August 20, 1914], Encyclical “Notre Charge Apostolique”, Our Apostolic Mandate, To the French Bishops, Monday, August 15, 1910, ¶ 47; emphasis added.)

It is of the greatest importance that in order to gain assured knowledge of things, to rely on exact acquaintance with facts, rather than on the uncertain testimony of public rumor; and then what we have proved for certain we may proclaim without hesitation.

(Saint Bernard of Clairvaux  [b. Castle Fontaines, near Dijon, France in 1090 A.D. - d. at Clairvaux, France on Friday, August 21, 1153 A.D.], Abbot of Clairvaux, Doctor of the Church, Letters).

Below Are A Few of the Many Faces of the
The APE” [Communist] pseudo-church

A Reminder:

Really Only One Reason WHY YOU Should Know the Truth!

I really do not want to know what the Truth is, this way this way I do not have to be responsible and I can plead ignorance on the Day of Judgement.


Affected ignorance does not excuse from guilt, but rather aggravates it since it shows that a man is so strongly attached to sin that he wishes to incur ignorance lest he avoid sinning.”  (Saint Thomas Aquinas, O.P., [b. 1225 A.D. in Rocca Secca, Naples, Italy - d. Wednesday, March 7, 1274 A.D. in Fossa Nuova, Italy], Doctor of the Church: “Angelic Doctor”, “Common Doctor”; “Summa Theologica”, Part III, Question 47, Article 5, Reply to Objection 3.)


Why are we burning in the fires of Hell, Lord? We are your faithful Bishops of the Catholic Church. We have all of our documents to prove who we are!


You are NOT Bishops, but LAYMEN, .invalidly.ordained. in the .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 formed by Hell. .Your .invalid.masses and.invalid. sacraments..sent millions and millions of ignorant Catholics to Hell.since.your anti-Catholic rituals, for the fake mass and fake sacraments, .made up by Satan and his human agents,.can NOT save anyone! .Your documents are worthless and only prove your guilt..You despised My laws and destroyed everything Catholic..You ignored My warning of 1902 about the NEW mass. .Anathema sint!.  .Be thou anathema!


The Blessing
V. Sit + Nomen Domini benedictum.
R. Ex hoc nunc, et usque in saeculum.
V. Adjutorium nostrum in
Nomine Domini.
R. Qui fecit cœlum et terram.
V. Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus:
V. Pa + ter, et Fi + lius, et Spiritus + Sanctus, descendat super vos, et maneat semper.
R. Amen.
V. Blessed + be the Name of the Lord.
R. Now and for ever more.x
V. Our help is in the Name of the Lord.
R. Who made Heaven and earth.
V. May Almighty God Bless thee:x
V. The Fa + ther, the + Son, and the Holy + Ghost, descend upon thee, and always remain with thee.
R. Amen.

Our Blessed Mother asks Catholics to
Pray her Traditional Rosary daily.
The Rosary will really make a
Powerful difference in Your Life!

Please Help a Suffering Soul in Purgatory NOW!
Blessed are the Merciful:
for they shall obtain Mercy.”
(Matthew 5:7)

Our own REAL Personal Experiences
Regarding the Poor Souls In Purgatory

The Memorare
Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help or sought thy intercession, was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. To thee do I come; before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen. 
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