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Catholics:  Do You Know WHY
YOU SHOULD NEVER GO to the New Mass?


anti-Christ cross-bearer Paul 6

No Transubstantiation Means NO REAL MASS!

Mysterium Fidei denotes the act of Transubstantiation.  Therefore, P-6 is saying there is no Transubstantiation in his innovated, mutilated heretical formNo Transubstantiation = no Mass!

Therefore, P-6 was automatically excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church for his NEW Theology Heresy by the Infallible Œcumenical Roman Catholic Councils (Florence & Trent) and by two Infallible Papal Bullae of two Roman Catholic Popes (Eugene IV & Saint Pius V).

Here is the Proof:

Paul 6 actually admitted that he himself changed the Infallible Form:

“For PASTORAL REASONS, however, and to facilitate concelebration, we have directed that the words of the Lord be identical in each form of the can [i.e. Eucharistic Prayers #1, #2, #3, and #4].  Thus, in each eucharistic prayer, we WISH that the words be as follows:  over the bread:  Accipite et Manducate ex Hoc Omnes:  Hoc Est Enim Corpus Meum, Quod Pro Vobis Tradetur; over the chalice:  Accipite et Bibite ex Eo Omnes:  Hic Est Enim Calix Sanguinis Mei Novi et Æterni Testamenti, Qui Pro Vobis et Pro Multis Effundetur in Remissionem Peccatorum.  Hoc Facite in Meam Commemorationem.  The words Mysterium Fidei, NOW TAKEN OUT OF THE CONTEXT OF THE WORDS OF CHRIST, are said by the priest as an introduction to the acclamation of the faithful.”  (Pope Paul VI, Missalis Romani, Thursday, April 3, 1969 A.D., ¶ 6; emphasis added.)

On the Contrary, the Roman Catholic Church INFALLIBLY TEACHES that the FORM for the Double Consecration can NOT be changed in any way.

Infallible Pope Eugene IV
Gabriele Condulmer
[Thursday, March 3, 1431 -
Tuesday, February 23, 1447]

Infallible Œcumenical
Council of Florence
Session 11,
Friday, February 4, 1442

Infallible Pope Eugene IV, with the Infallible Dogmatic Doctrinal Council of Florence, in Session 11,
Friday, February 4, 1442, Verified and Infallibly Decreed - Forever - The FORM to be used for the Double Consecration during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

“41.  And  [the Roman Catholic Church uses this Form of words in the Consecration] of His Blood:
‘For this is the Chalice of My Blood, of the New and Everlasting Covenant;; the Mystery of Faith, which will be shed for you and for many unto the remission of sins’.

[Latin:  Hic est enim calix Sanguinis Mei, novi et aeterni  testamenti; Mysterium Fidei, qui pro vobis et pro multis effundetur in remissionem peccatorum.]”  (Infallible Pope Eugene IV, with the Infallible Œcumenical Council of Florence, Infallible Papal Bulla of Union with the Copts, “Cantate Domino”, ¶ 41, Session 11, Friday, February 4, 1442; emphasis added.)


Pope Saint Pius V
Antonio-Michele Ghislieri
[Friday, January 7, 1566 - 
Monday, May 1, 1572]

Ex Decreto Sacrosancti
Concilii Tridentini

MISSALE  ROMANUM, Ex Decreto Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini, Restitutum, S. Pii V, Pontificis Maximi, Editio Juxta Typicam Vaticanam, Ritus servandus in celebratione Missae.

The Missale Romanum, which was restored according the the Decree of the Council of Trent, by Pope Saint Pius V, was issued on Tuesday, July 14, 1570 A.D.  At the very front of this Missal is the section entitled:  De Defectibus In Celebratione Missarum Occurrentibus, On Defects That May Occur in the Celebration of Mass.

De Defectibus V concerns Defects That May Occur in the Celebration of Mass:

V:  On Defective Forms

Defects may arise in respect of the formula, if anything is wanting to complete the actual words of Consecration. The words of Consecration, which are the formative principle of this Sacrament, are as follows: Hoc est enim Corpus meum; and: Hic est enim calix Sanguinis mei, novi et aeterni  testamenti;  Mysterium Fidei, qui pro vobis et pro multis effundetur in remissionem peccatorum.  If any omission or alteration is made in the formula of Consecration of the Body and Blood, involving a change of meaning, the Consecration is invalid. An addition made without altering the meaning does not invalidate the Consecration, but the Celebrant commits a mortal sin.

Notice that this unchangeable FORM for the Double Consecration is the same as that found above in the Infallible Papal Bulla, “Cantate Domino”, ¶ 41, Session 11, Friday, February 4, 1442.

Bottom line, Paul 6 deleted the reference to Transubstatiation in the Form for the Consecration of the Precious Blood by deleting Mysterium Fidei from the Form.  In so doing, Paul 6 invalidated the unchangeableForm of the Consecration.

Furthermore, Paul 6 had no power, authority, or jurisdiction to do this for several reasons.  The primary reason is that Paul 6 never took the Oath of the Pope-Elect.  However, even IF he would have taken this Oath, he still would have automatically excommunicated himself  and his removal of Mysterium Fidei would still be illegal and invalid!

Said another way, for attempting to illegally and invalidly remove Mysterium Fidei from the Consecration of the Most Precious Blood, Paul 6, either never had the power to do this, because he never was a lawful and valid pope, or, IF he had taken the required Oath of Office in order to become a Pope, Paul 6 would have automatically excommunicated himself and thus become an apostate and heretic and a non-Catholic!

Either way, Mysterium Fidei remains in the Consecration of the Most Precious Blood and must be used for the VALID Consecration of the Most Previous Blood!

Bottom Line:  Without Mysterium Fidei there can be no real valid Mass.

Therefore, those Catholics who go to the new mass, because the new mass never has  Mysterium Fidei,  in the Conseecration,  commit a Mortal Sin because they have failed to attend a real, valid Catholic Mass!

Catholics who really want to go to Heaven  - must never attend a new mass, by whatever fancy name!


First Reason

Second Reason

Third Reason

Fourth Reason

Fifth Reason

Sixth Reason

Seventh Reason

Eighth Reason

A Few Truths to Seriously Consider

The Blessing


First Reason
The New Mass Is NOT The Valid and Lawful Old Mass Which Was Destroyed!
The New Mass Is A Different Liturgy!
“Let those who, like myself, have known and sung a Latin-Gregorian High Mass remember it if they can. Let them compare it with the Mass that we now haveNot only the words, the melodies, and some of the gestures are different. To tell the Truth, it is a different liturgy of the MassThis needs to be said without ambiguitythe Roman Rite as we knew it no longer exists.  It has been destroyed.  Some walls of the former edifice have fallen while others have changed their appearance, to the extent that it appears today either as a ruin or the partial substructure of a different building.”

(Father Joseph Gelineau S.J. [b. at Champ-sur-Layon, Maine-et-Loire, West-Central France, on Sunday, October 31, 1920 - d. at Sallanches, a commune in the Haute-Savoie  department in the Rhône-Alps, South-Eastern France, on Friday, August 8, 2008]. Fr. Gelineau was a Synod Vatican 2 peritus - expert - who helped to make up the New Mass along with others, including the famous 6 Protestants.  He was one of the most influential members of Archbishop Annibale Bugnini's Consilium, which made up the New Mass.  From his book:  Demain La Liturgk, Paris, 1976, pp. 9-10; emphasis added.)

[Editorial Note: Unknown to Fr. Gelineau, there are still a few places, even today, where the so-called Old Mass in Latin is still available, mostly in the modern-day Catacombs.]

Second Reason
Prophecy Fullfilled!!!
The New Mass Fulfills the Prophecy of Jesus Christ in 1902
 Given to the Famous, Totally Credible, Catholic Mystic, Marie-Julie Jahenny

“I give you a warning. The disciples who are not of My Gospel are now working hard to remake according to their ideas, and under the influence of the enemy of souls [Satan], a [Satanic] mass that contains words which are odious in My Sight. When the fatal hour arrives where the faith of My Priests are put to the test, it will be these texts that will be celebrated, in this second period.”

“The first period is the one of My Priesthood, existing since Me. The second is the one of the persecution, when the enemies of the Faith and of Holy Religion will impose their formulas in the book of the second celebration. Many of My Holy Priests will refuse this book, sealed with the words of the abyss [i.e. of Hell]. Unfortunately, amongst them are those who will accept it.”  (Prophecy of Jesus Christ During His Apparition to the Famous, Totally Credible, Catholic Mystic, Marie-Julie Jahenny, on Saturday, November 27, 1902.)

Third Reason
A Prophecy of Our Blessed Mother
The Third Secret of Our Lady of Fatima

I'm obsessed with the Secrets of the Virgin  [Our Lady of Fatima] to the little Lucia of Fatima.  This persistence of the Good Lady  [the Blessed Virgin Mary] in the face of  the danger that threatens the Church is a Divine warning against the suicide of the alteration of the Faith in Her Liturgy, Her Theology, and Her Soul.” (Cardinal Pacelli, later Pope Pius XII, To his trusted friend, Count Enrico Pietro Galéazzi, in 1936; emphasis added.)

Fourth Reason
The Soul You Save MUST FIRST BE Yours!

Fifth Reason
Affected Ignorance

I really do not want to know what the Truth is, this way I do not have to be responsible and I can plead ignorance on the Day of Judgement.

On the Contrary

“Affected ignorance does not excuse from guilt, but rather aggravates it since it shows that a man is so strongly attached to sin that he wishes to incur ignorance lest he avoid sinning.”  (Saint Thomas Aquinas, O.P., [b. 1225 A.D. in Rocca Secca, Naples, Italy - d. Wednesday, March 7, 1274 A.D. in Fossa Nuova, Italy], Doctor of the Church: “Angelic Doctor”, “Common Doctor”; “Summa Theologica”, Part III, Question 47, Article 5, Reply to Objection 3.)

Despite this, there are some Synod Vatican 2 clergy who still stubbornly and wrongly claim that the so-call new mass is still valid, despite all of the abuses made to it by the various priests and bishops who use it!

This serious error is totally exposed as the serious error it is, with an extensive Commentary concerning it, most especially the extensive Commentary on the article entitled:   The Dangers of Attacking the Validity of the Novus Ordo, on this web page:

Sixth Reason

Attention Catholics!

Did You Know?
There are 62 Reasons Why, In Good Conscience,
Catholics CAN NOT Attend the NEW Mass!

Compiled by the Priests of the Diocese of Campos, Brazil

Please Note: All quotes followed by an asterisk " * " are from The Ottaviani Intervention which consists of two parts. The first part is a brief Cover Letter to Pope Paul 6 which was signed by Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani and Antonio Cardinal Bacci, at Rome, on September 25, 1969. This Letter was attached to the second part of the Intervention: A Critical Study of the New Order of Mass, by a Group of Roman Theologians.

1. Because the New Mass is not an unequivocal Profession of the Catholic Faith (which the traditional Mass is), it is ambiguous and Protestant. Therefore since we pray as we believe, it follows that we cannot pray with the New Mass in Protestant Fashion and still believe as Catholics!

2. Because the changes were not just slight ones but actually "deal with a fundamental renovation ... a total change ... a new creation." (Msgr. A. Bugnini, co-author of the New Mass)

3. Because the New Mass leads us to think "that truths ... can be changed or ignored without infidelity to that sacred deposit of doctrine to which the Catholic Faith is bound forever." *

4. Because the New Mass represents "a striking departure from the Catholic theology of the Mass as formulated in Session XXII of the Council of Trent" which, in fixing the "canons," provided an "insurmountable barrier to any heresy against the integrity of the Mystery." *

5. Because the difference between the two is not simply one of mere detail or just modification of ceremony, but "all that is of perennial value finds only a minor place (in the New Mass), if it subsists at all." *

6. Because "Recent reforms have amply demonstrated that fresh changes in the liturgy could lead to nothing but complete bewilderment in the faithful who already show signs of uneasiness and lessening of Faith." *

7. Because in times of confusion such as now, we are guided by the words of our Lord: "By their fruits you shall know them." Fruits of the New Mass are: 30% decrease in Sunday Mass attendance in U.S. (NY Times 5/24/75), 43% decrease in France (Cardinal Marty), 50% decrease in Holland (NY Times 1/5/76).

8. Because "amongst the best of the clergy the practical result (of the New Mass) is an agonizing crisis of conscience..." *

9. Because in less than seven years after the introduction of the New Mass, priests in the world decreased from 413,438 to 243,307 -- almost 50%! (Holy See Statistics)

10. Because "The pastoral reasons adduced to support such a grave break with tradition ... do not seem to us sufficient." *

11. Because the New Mass does not manifest Faith in the Real Presence of our Lord -- the Traditional Mass manifests it unmistakably.

12. Because the New Mass confuses the REAL Presence of Christ in the Eucharist with His MYSTICAL Presence among us (proximating Protestant doctrine).

13. Because the New Mass blurs what ought to be a sharp difference between the HIERARCHIC Priesthood and the common priesthood of the people (as does Protestantism).

14. Because the New Mass favors the heretical theory that it is THE FAITH of the people and not THE WORDS OF THE PRIEST which makes Christ present in the Eucharist.

15. Because the insertion of the Lutheran :"Prayer of the Faithful" in the New Mass follows and puts forth the Protestant error that all the people are priests.

16. Because the New Mass does away with the Confiteor of the priest, makes it collective with the people, thus promoting Luther's refusal to accept the Catholic teaching that the priest is judge, witness and intercessor with God.

17. Because the New Mass gives us to understand that the people concelebrate with the priest -- which is against Catholic theology!

18. Because six Protestant ministers collaborated in making up the New Mass: George, Jasper, Shepherd, Kunneth, Smith and Thurian.

19. Because just as Luther did away with the Offertory -- since it very clearly expressed the sacrificial, propitiatory character of the Mass -- so also the inventors of the New Mass did away with it, reducing it to a simple Preparation of the Gifts.

20. Because enough Catholic theology has been removed that Protestants can, while keeping their antipathy for the True Roman Catholic Church, use the text of the New Mass without difficulty. Protestant Minister Thurian (co-consultor for the 'New Mass' project) said that a fruit of the New mass "will perhaps be that the non-Catholic communities will be ale to celebrate the Lord's Supper using the same prayers as the Catholic Church." (La Croix 4/30/69)

21. Because the narrative manner of the Consecration in the New Mass infers that it is only a memorial and not a true sacrifice (Protestant Thesis)

22. Because by grave omissions, the New Mass leads us to believe that it is only a meal (Protestant doctrine) and not a sacrifice for the remission of sins (Catholic Doctrine).

23. Because the changes such as: table instead of altar; facing people instead of tabernacle; Communion in the hand, etc., emphasize Protestant doctrines (e.g., Mass is only a meal; priest only a president of the assembly; Eucharist is NOT the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, but merely a piece of bread, etc.)

24. Because Protestants themselves have said "the new Catholic Eucharistic prayers have abandoned the false (sic) perspective of sacrifice offered to God." (La Croix 12/10/69)

25. Because we are faced with the dilemma: either we become Protestantized by worshipping with the New Mass, or else we preserve our Catholic Faith by adhering faithfully to the traditional Mass, the "Mass of All Time."

26. Because the New Mass was made in accordance with the Protestant definition of the Mass: "The Lord's Supper or Mass is a sacred synaxis or assembly of the people of God which gathers together under the presidency of the priest to celebrate the memorial of the Lord." (Par. 7 Intro. to the New Missal, defining the New Mass, 4/6/69)

27. Because by means of ambiguity, the New Mass pretends to please Catholics while pleasing Protestants; thus it is "double-tongued" and offensive to God who abhors any kind of hypocrisy: "Cursed be ... the double-tongued for they destroy the peace of many." (Sirach 28:13)

28. Because beautiful, familiar Catholic hymns which have inspired people for centuries, have been thrown out and replaced with new hymns strongly Protestant in sentiment, further deepening the already distinct impression that one is no longer attending a Catholic function.

29. Because the New Mass contains ambiguities subtly favoring heresy, which is more dangerous than if it were clearly heretical since a half-heresy half resembles the Truth!

30. Because Christ has only one Spouse, the Catholic Church, and her worship service cannot also serve religions that are at enmity with her.

31. Because the New Mass follows the format of Cranmer's heretical Anglican Mass, and the methods used to promote it follow precisely the methods of the English heretics.

32. Because Holy Mother Church canonized numerous English Martyrs who were killed because they refused to participate in a Mass such as the New Mass!

33. Because Protestants who once converted to Catholicism are scandalized t to see that the New Mass is the same as the one they attended as Protestants. One of them, Julien Green, asks: "Why did we convert?"

34. Because statistics show a great decrease in conversions to Catholicism following the use of the New Mass. Conversions, which were up to 100,000 a year in the U.S., have decreased to less than 10,000! And the number of people leaving the Church far exceeds those coming in.

35. Because the Traditional Mass has forged many saints. "Innumerable saints have been fed abundantly with the proper piety towards God by it ..." (Pope Paul VI, Const. Apost. Missale Romanum)

36. Because the nature of the New Mass is such as to facilitate profanations of the Holy Eucharist, which occur with a frequency unheard of with the Traditional Mass.

37. Because the New Mass, despite appearances, conveys a New Faith, not the Catholic Faith. It conveys Modernism and follows exactly the tactics of Modernism, using vague terminology in order to insinuate and advance error.

38. Because by introducing optional variations, the New Mass undermines the unity of the liturgy, with each priest liable to deviate as he fancies under the guise of creativity. Disorder inevitably results, accompanied by lack of respect and irreverence.

39. Because many good Catholic theologians, canonists and priests do not accept the New Mass, and affirm that they are unable to celebrate it in good conscience.

40. Because the New Mass has eliminated such things as: genuflections (only three remain), purification of the priests fingers in the chalice, preservation from all profane contact of priest's fingers after Consecration, sacred altar stone and relics, three altar clothes (reduced to one), all of which "only serve to emphasize how outrageously faith in the dogma of the Real Presence is implicitly repudiated." *

41. Because the traditional Mass, enriched and matured by centuries of Sacred Tradition, was codified (not invented) by a Pope who was a saint, Pius V; whereas the New Mass was artificially fabricated by six Protestant ministers and a 33rd degree Freemason, i.e., Msgr. A Bugnini who was later exiled from the Vatican because of his ties with Freemasonry.

42. Because the errors of the New Mass which are accentuated in the vernacular version are even present in the Latin text of the New Mass.

43. Because the New Mass, with its ambiguity and permissiveness, exposes us to the wrath of God by facilitating the risk of invalid consecrations: "Will priests of the near future who have not received the traditional formation, and who rely on the Novus Ordo Missae with the intention of 'doing what the Church does,' consecrate validly? One may be allowed to doubt it!" *

44. Because the abolition of the Traditional Mass recalls the prophecy of Daniel 8:12: "And he was given power against the perpetual sacrifice because of the sins of the people" and the observation of St. Alphonsus de Liguori that because the Mass is the best and most beautiful thing which exists in the Church here below, the devil has always tried by means of heretics to deprive us of it.

45. Because in places where the Traditional Mass is preserved, the Faith and fervor of the people are greater. Whereas the opposite is true where the New Mass reigns (Report on the Mass, Diocese of Campos, ROMA, Buenos Aires #69, 8/81)

46. Because along with the New Mass goes also a new catechism, a new morality, new prayers, new Code of Canon law, new calendar, -- in a word, a NEW CHURCH, a complete revolution from the old. "The liturgical reform ... do not be deceived, this is where the revolution begins." (Msgr. Dwyer, Archbishop of Birmingham, spokesman of Episcopal Synod)

47. Because the intrinsic beauty of the Traditional Mass attracts souls by itself; whereas the New Mass, lacking any attractiveness of its own, has to invent novelties and entertainment in order to appeal to the people.

48. Because the New mass embodies numerous errors condemned by Pope St. Pius V at the Council of Trent (Mass totally in vernacular, words of Consecration spoken aloud, etc. See Condemnation of Jansenist Synod of Pistia), and errors condemned by Pope Pius XII (e.g., altar in form of table. See Mediator Dei).

49. Because the New Mass attempts to transform the Catholic Church into a new, ecumenical church embracing all ideologies and all religions -- right and wrong, truth and error -- a goal long dreamt of by the enemies of the Catholic Church.

50. Because the New Mass, in removing the salutations and final blessing when the priest celebrates alone, shows a denial of, and disbelief in the dogma of the Communion of Saints.

51. Because the altar and tabernacle are now separated, thus marking a division between Christ in His priest-and-Sacrifice-on-the-altar, from Christ in His Real Presence in the tabernacle, "two things which of their very nature, must remain together." (Pius XII)

52. Because the New Mass no longer constitutes a vertical worship between God and man, but rather a horizontal worship between man and man.

53. Because the New Mass, although appearing to conform to the dispositions of Vatican Council II, in reality opposes its instructions, since the Council itself declared its desire to conserve and promote the Traditional Rite.

54. Because the Traditional Latin Mass of Pope St. Pius V has never been legally abrogated and therefore remains a true rite of the Roman Catholic Church by which the faithful may fulfill their Sunday obligation.

55. Because Pope St. Pius V granted a perpetual indult, valid "for always," to celebrate the Traditional Mass freely, licitly, without scruple of conscience, punishment, sentence or censure (Papal Bull "Quo Primum")

56. Because Pope Paul VI, when promulgating the New Mass, himself declared. "The rite ... by itself is NOT a dogmatic definition ..." (11/19/69)

57. Because Pope Paul VI, when asked by Cardinal Heenan of England, if he was abrogating or prohibiting the Tridentine Mass, answered: "It is not our intention to prohibit absolutely the Tridentine Mass."

58. Because "In the Libera Nos of the New Mass, the Blessed Virgin, the Apostles and all the Saints are no longer mentioned; her and their intercession thus no longer asked, even in time of peril." *

59. Because in none of the tree new Eucharistic Prayers (of the New Mass) is there any reference ... to the state of suffering of those who have died, in none the possibility of a particular Memento, thus undermining faith in the redemptive nature of the Sacrifice.*

60. Because we recognize the Holy Father's supreme authority in his universal government of Holy Mother Church, but we know that even this authority cannot impose upon us a practice which is so CLEARLY against the Faith: a Mass that is equivocal and favoring heresy and therefore disagreeable to God.

61. Because, as stated in Vatican Council I, the "Holy Spirit was not promised to the successors of Peter, that by His revelation they might make new doctrine, but that by His assistance they might inviolably keep and faithfully expound the revelation or deposit of Faith delivered through the Apostles." (Dnz 3070)

62. Because heresy, or whatever clearly favors heresy, cannot be a matter for obedience. Obedience is at the service of Faith and not Faith at the service of obedience! In this foregoing case then, "One must obey God before men." (Acts 5:29)

* The Ottaviani Intervention consists of two parts. The first part is a brief Cover Letter to Pope Paul 6 which was signed by Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani and Antonio Cardinal Bacci, at Rome, on Thursday, September 25, 1969.  This Letter was attached to the second part of the Intervention: A Critical Study of the New Order of Mass, by a Group of Roman Theologians.

Seventh Reason
Invalid Sacraments

Today, more and more Roman-Collared  LAYMEN are leaving their Parishes because they now realize that none of them have any Spiritual and Sacramental Power to Offer Mass and to Administer the Sacraments!

They lied about my “ordination”The 1968 Roman Pontifical, with which I was “ordained”,  IS NOT    VALID!  So, I am only a LAYMANNOT a Priest! I can no longer live this LIE of  invalid   “masses” and   invalidx “sacraments”!  How many are burning in Hell because I have no power to “Offer Holy Mass”, and to “forgive Mortal Sins”!
Roman-Collared LAYMEN also have the very real and terrible fear they will go to Hell because their fake and phony “sacraments” never had any power to prevent the Souls of their trusting Parishioners from going to Hell because these fake and phony priests and bishops have never had any power to Absolve from any sins, including Mortal Sins!

To Modernist, and NEW Theology, Heretical Innovators
To Catholic Priests and Bishops Who Use the
1960, and Later, Changes to the Liturgical Books.
Do You Think God is Not in the Punishment Business?!

Think Again!
Innovators Nadab and Abiu
Did Not Escape Divine Justice!
Leviticus 10:1-2.  and  1 Paralipomenon 24:2.

Eighth Reason
Catholics - Did You Know?

Catholics - Did You Know?

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the unbloody renewal of the bloody Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross, the Victim is one and the same  (Pope Pius IV with Council of Trent, Session 22,  Monday, September 17, 1562, Chapter 2. De Fide - INFALLIBLE, Unchangeable Dogma.)

Where in the Gospels does it say that, at the foot of the Cross, Saint John: dressed and acted like a clown, or a ventriloquist, or had an animal act, or danced, or acted like an idiot? Or that Our Blessed Mother, or Saint Mary Magdalen, or the Holy Women, or even Salome, danced around the foot of the Cross?  NOWHERE!

Roman Catholics DO NOT
Applaud or Shake Hands
At the Catholic Traditional
Mass Because it is
the Unbloody Renewal
of Christ's Sacrifice on
the Cross at Calvary done
on an ALTAR of Sacrifice.

BUT, Synod Vatican 2 “catholics”
DO Applaud and Shake Hands
Because all they have is an
Updated 16th Century Protestant
Memorial Supper Meal that is
Made up on a Supper TABLE.
Since it is NOT a Sacrifice,
This MEAL frequently has an
Entertainment Floor Show
with lots and lots of clapping!

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is NOT a form of entertainment!

So, why do so many "catholic" churches today have:




Click on This Link For a Vatican 2 priest ENTERTAINING the Audience
(Formerly Known as Parishioners), DURING a New non-mass
Is He Playing for the ENTERTAINING Snake Dancing Act Below?

Professional Circus Snake Dancing Act to ENTERTAIN Audience
(Formerly Known as Parishioners), DURING a New non-mass
Click Link to See Video

animal acts,

to entertain the audience?

Because their "fake New World Order pagan masses" are NOT the real Mass - no Victim of Sacrifice because it is NOT the unbloody renewal of the bloody Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross!

Judgement shall begin at the House of God.
(1 Peter 4:17)

The day is coming when this..abomination
will be severely punished by God!

Lift up thy hands against their pride unto the end;
see what things the enemy hath done wickedly in the sanctuary.
(Psalm 73:3)

“And  they shall defile the Sanctuary  of Strength,  and shall take away the Continual Sacrifice, and  they shall place there..the Abomination unto Desolation.”  (Daniel  11:31; emphasis added).

“When therefore you shall see the Abomination of Desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place:  he that readeth let him understand.... For there shall be then great tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, neither shall be.  And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved:   but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened.”  (Matthew 24:15; 24:21-22; emphasis added.):


ANTI-Christ cross-bearer
Making REAL Bishops!

No REAL Bishops


“These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all Authority.”
(Titus 2:15)

A Quick Summary
Important Truths About the NEW mass

The   NOR.Novus Ordo Rite, a.k.a. Novus Ordo Missae

“I give you a warning. The disciples who are not of My Gospel are now working hard to remake according to their ideas, and under the influence of the enemy of souls [Satan], a [Satanic] mass that contains words which are odious in My Sight. When the fatal hour arrives where the faith of My Priests are put to the test, it will be these texts that will be celebrated, in this second period.”

“The first period is the one of My Priesthood, existing since Me. The second is the one of the persecution, when the enemies of the Faith and of Holy Religion will impose their formulas in the book of the second celebration. Many of My Holy Priests will refuse this book, sealed with the words of the abyss [i.e. of Hell]. Unfortunately, amongst them are those who will accept it.”  (Prophecy of Jesus Christ During His Apparition to the Famous, Totally Credible, Catholic Mystic, Marie-Julie Jahenny, on Saturday, November 27, 1902.)


“To tell the Truth, it [the NEW mass] is a different liturgy of the Mass.  This needs to be said without ambiguity:  THE ROMAN RITE, as we knew it, NO LONGER EXISTS.  It HAS BEEN DESTROYED.”  (Fr. Joseph Gelineau, a Synod Vatican 2 “peritus” - expert - who helped to make up the NOR [Novus Ordo Rite], “Demain La Liturgk,” Paris, 1976, pp. 9-10; emphasis added.)

The Soul You Save MUST FIRST BE Yours!

A Few Truths to Seriously Consider
“Truth knows no distinction of persons.  Therefore, he who speaks [verbally; in writing] the Truth is invincible, dispute with whom he may.” (Saint Thomas Aquinas, O.P., [b. 1225 A.D. in Rocca Secca, Naples, Italy - d. Wednesday, March 7, 1274 A.D., in Fossa Nuova, Italy], Doctor of the Church, Commentary on Job, Chapter 13, Lesson 2; emphasis added.)
“Not only does he betray the Truth who transgresses against the Truth by openly speaking falsehood and not the Truth, but he also betrays it who does not openly speak the Truth, which must be openly proclaimed, or does not boldly defend it when it must be boldly defended.”  (Patriarch Saint John Chrysostom [b. Antioch, c. 347 A.D. - d. at Commana in Pontus on Friday, September 14, 407 A.D.], Patriarch of Constantinople [Thursday, February 26, 398 A.D. - Thursday, June 24, 404 A.D.], exiled from his See the 2nd time on Thursday, June 24, 404 A.D., Father and Doctor of the Catholic Church, Cause 11, Question 3, Nolite.)

“Do not heed BY WHOM a thing is said,

(Saint Thomas Aquinas, O.P.,
Letter to Brother John; emphasis added.)

It is of the greatest importance that in order to gain assured knowledge of things, to rely on exact acquaintance with facts, rather than on the uncertain testimony of public rumor; and then what we have proved for certain we may proclaim without hesitation. (Saint Bernard of Clairvaux  [b. Castle Fontaines, near Dijon, France in 1090 A.D. - d. at Clairvaux, France on Friday, August 21, 1153 A.D.], Abbot of Clairvaux, Doctor of the Church, Doctor of the Church, Oracle of the 12th Century, Mellifluous [soothing sound] Doctor, Probable Author of the very popular Memorare Prayer; Letters)..
“[The Ancient Doctors] knew the capacity of innovators in the art of deception. In order not to shock the ears of Catholics, they sought to hide the subtleties of their tortuous maneuvers by the use of seemingly innocuous words such as would allow them to insinuate error into souls in the most gentle manner.”

Once the Truth had been compromised, they could, by means of slight changes or additions in phraseology, distort the confession of the Faith which is necessary for our salvation, and lead the faithful by subtle errors to their eternal damnation.

(Pope Pius VI, Giovanni Angelo Braschi [Wednesday, February 15, 1775 - Thursday, August 29, 1799], using his Infallible Ordinary Magisterium, Promulgated his Encyclical “Auctorem Fidei,” Thursday, August 28, 1794, ¶ 6; emphasis added).

Ignorance of the Unchangeable Catholic Faith

Pope Saint Pius X
“Our Predecessor, Benedict XIV, therefore, had good reason to write as his did: ‘This We asseverate [declare]:  that the majority of those who are condemned to eternal punishment [in Hell] fall into this everlasting misfortune because of ignorance of the Mysteries of the Faith which must necessarily be known and believed in order to be numbered among the Elect.’

[Footnote 3:  Instit., 27:18; Pope Benedict XIV, Prospero Lambertini, [Wednesday, August 17, 1740 - Wednesday, May 3, 1758]”. (Pope Saint Pius X, Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto [b. at Riese, Lombardy-Venetia, Austrian Empire on Tuesday, June 2, 1835; Pope: Tuesday, August 4, 1903 - Thursday, August 20, 1914], EncyclicalAcerbo Nimis”, Saturday, April 15, 1905, ¶ 2; emphasis added.)

The Catechism of the Council of Trent

“...especially in these days, adults... stand in
need of religious instruction
all parish Priests..
shall... explain the Catechism for the
Faithful... they are to use
The Catechism of the Council of Trent... 

(Pope Saint Pius X,
Encyclical, Acerbo Nimis,
Saturday, April 15, 1905, # 38.)

The Catechism of the Council of Trent
Issued by Order of Pope Saint Pius V

Translated by:

Father John A. McHugh,
O.P., S.T.M., Litt.D., and
Father Charles J. Callan,
O.P., S.T.M., Litt.D.

Imprimatur:  + Patrick Cardinal Joseph Hayes,
Archbishop of New York, January 3, 1923.

Catholics, be sure to purchase ONLY the Catechism of the Council of Trent which was translated by Father John A. McHugh, O.P., S.T.M., Litt.D., and Father Charles J. Callan, O.P., S.T.M., Litt.D.

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WARNING:  Several places claim to have this same Catechism for sale, e.g. TAN books. However, they have  refused  to identify the Translator(s) of their catechism!  Was it translated by Modernist Heretics and/or by NEW Theology Heretics?!  The front cover is almost exactly identical to the one shown above, with only very minor changes, making it very difficult to tell the difference.  Why?

A Catholic Priest
Compared to:
The President of the Assembly
A Catholic Priest is Another Christ
The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the
Unbloody Renewal of Calvary
Only Source of Sanctifying Grace
Totally Traditional in Every Way
Greatly Blessed and Sanctified
By the Most Holy Trinity
The President of the Assembly
is Another Apostate/Heretic
The Supper meal is NOT a mass
Another Source of Sin and Vice
NEW One World Order Evil
Greatly Rejected and Condemned
By the Most Holy Trinity

Sanctifying Grace flows from the Side of Christ

Sanctifying Grace flows from the Side of Christ, during the Unbloody Renewal of the Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross, to each of the Seven Sacraments which are then able to give Sanctifying Grace to those who properly and worthily receive these Sacraments.


The Soul You Save MUST FIRST BE Yours!

The Blessing
V. Sit + Nomen Domini benedictum.
R. Ex hoc nunc, et usque in saeculum.
V. Adjutorium nostrum in
Nomine Domini.
R. Qui fecit cœlum et terram.
V. Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus:
V. Pa + ter, et Fi + lius, et Spiritus + Sanctus, descendat super vos, et maneat semper.
R. Amen.
V. Blessed + be the Name of the Lord.
R. Now and for ever more.x
V. Our help is in the Name of the Lord.
R. Who made Heaven and earth.
V. May Almighty God Bless thee:x
V. The Fa + ther, the + Son, and the Holy + Ghost, descend upon thee, and always remain with thee.
R. Amen.