From the Desk of
Patriarch Jacobus Maria DeJesus, D.D.


Liberation Theology

The Communist KGB Invented the Heresy Known as: ‘Liberation Theology’.


Cardinal (“Father”) Malachi Martin, D.D.

Many years ago, We personally had an extended confidential conversation with Cardinal, a.k.a. “Father”, Malachi Brendan Martin, D.D. [b. in County Kerry, Ireland, on Saturday, July 23, 1921 A.D. -  d. (assassinated) in New York, New York, on Tuesday, July 27, 1999 A.D.], who is well-know by many Catholics for his best-selling, well-researched, and historically-factual, books.

(Note:  Perhaps some people may say, or think, that his Eminence, Malachi Martin, D.D., was never a Cardinal?  However, such people either do not know, or ignore, the fact that, historically, various Popes have created Cardinals in pectore - in the heart.  In other words, secretly.  This means that the official list of Cardinals does not include the names of those who were made Cardinals in pectore.  His Cardinal red vestments repose in a safe, secret place.)
For example, “Windswept House”, which “The New American” magazine verified is NOT a work of fiction. Rather, reports the Author telling them:
“Oh yes, it is true; very much so. But the only way I could put that down into print is in novelistic form”.
The importance of “Windswept House” includes the historical fact that it revealed the pedophile clergy plague in 1998!  Unfortunately, it was not until about 4 years later when a critical investigation in 2002 by “The Boston Globe” led to widespread media coverage of this issue in the United States.

One must wonder how many innocent young Children could have been protected from pedophile clergy IF only the secular media had investigated the facts found in “Windswept House” in 1998 instead of 2002?

Of course, the so-called..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church..“popes” were keeping this a big secret, including the recently “canonized pope” - “saint JP-2”!   One is left to wonder IF maybe “pope F-1” will next “canonize Lucifer” a “saint” of this very same .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church?

“Windswept House” also reported that on Saturday, June 29, 1963, a Satanic Ritual took place in Saint Paul’s Chapel inside the Vatican itself called “The Enthronement of Lucifer” which was performed by certain Satanist Clergy!

“Windswept House” also claims that there were a number of “priests” of the .anti-Catholic. .Satanic. .Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church..who were actual Satanists and that some of them had ritualistically murdered other Satanist “priests” of this same  .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2.  .pseudo-church.

“The Toledo Blade” reported on the Satanic ritualist killing of an elderly Nun in the basement chapel of a Catholic hospital in Toledo, Ohio, and that the police had arrested the hospital Chaplain, another “priest” of the .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church, for this savage murder.

Although the historical facts of the pedophile clergy are now well-known, it is very unfortunate that a cloak of silence, so to speak, for unknown reasons, still “prevents” the secular news media from investigating the Satanist clergy (“priests” and “prelates”) who are in the.anti-Catholic. .Satanic. .Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church, some of whom perform Satanic rituals in the same "churches" and/or "chapels" where they "normally" do the NEW mass, and the NEW sacraments for their congregations!

The Jesuits

In 1987 his book, “The Jesuits”, was published which exposed what some Roman Catholic Priests and Prelates already knew: the Vatican was very clearly no longer “Catholic”, and also that it had become the pawn of the Communists, especially with the “Metz Accord”.

General Ion Mihai Pacepa  has revealed that the Metz Accord was the result of a top-secret meeting held on Monday, August 13, 1962, at Metz, France, which was hosted by Bishop Paul Joseph Schmitt [b. at Lower Yutz, in North-Eastern France, on Friday, March 31, 1911 - d. on Wednesday, September 9, 1987], the Bishop of Metz [Sunday, November 30, 1958 - 1987].

The representatives of the Vatican were:

Eugène-Gabriel-Gervais-Laurent Cardinal Tisserant
1)   Eugène-Gabriel-Gervais-Laurent Cardinal Tisserant [b. at Nancy, France, on Monday, March 24, 1884 - d. at Albano Laziale, Province of Rome, Italy, on Monday, February 21, 1972], the Dean of the College of Cardinals, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia, Cardinal-Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina, Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, and the Prefect of the Congregation of Ceremonies.

Johannes Gerardus Maria Cardinal Willebrands
2) Johannes Gerardus Maria Cardinal Willebrands [b. at Bovenkarspel, Netherlands, on Saturday, September 4 1909 - d. at Denekamp, Netherlands, on Wednesday, August 2, 2006], President Emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, Cardinal-Priest of San Sebastiano alle Catacombe.

The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church was:

Metropolitan Archbishop Nikodim (Boris Georgievich Rotov) [b. at Frolovo, Russia, on Tuesday, October 15, 1929 - d. (poisoned) at Vatican City, Rome, Italy, on Tuesday, September 5, 1978], Russian Orthodox Metropolitan of Leningrad and Novgorod, Russia.

Metropolitan Archbishop Nikodim
Private audience with “pope” JP-1
Both of them Were Poisoned!
Nikodim Was Poisoned A Few Minutes After This Photo Was Taken!

Note:  Metropolitan Archbishop Nikodim died during a private audience with “pope” JP-1 of the  .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church.  Both Prelates were served a drink, however some “experts” claim that somehow the cup with the poison in it, which was intended for “pope” JP-1, was accidentally used by the Metropolitan Archbishop who, after drinking from it, fell off his chair and died, while “pope” JP-1, who would likewise die from being poisoned several weeks later, gave the dying Metropolitan absolution.

This top-secret meeting at Metz, France with the two Vatican Cardinals and the Russian Metropolitan Archbishop, was held at the home of the Chaplain of the Little Sisters of the Poor, Father Lagarde, at Borny, on the outskirts of Metz.

His Eminence, Malachi Martin, D.D., stated  that  Russian Metropolitan Archbishop Nikodim had set certain conditions for the formal participation of Russian Church observers at Synod Vatican 2.

These conditions were:

1) No condemnation of Atheistic Communism during the Synodal meetings.

2) Any such condemnations could be made only after the final conclusion of the Synod.

His Eminence, Malachi Martin, D.D., also stated that the Metz Accord was a renewal of the previous Accords of 1942 and 1944 concerning “Ostpolitik”.

Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev
"We Will Bury You" - Shoe Pounding Speech at U.N.

“Ostpolitik” (German for “Eastern Politics”) describes the politics of the “Change Through Rapprochement” principle which Communist Russian leader Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev [b. in Kalinovka, Russian Empire, on Tuesday, April 17,  1894 - d. in Moscow, Russia, Soviet Union on Saturday, September 11, 1971] offered the Vatican on the occasion of the 80th birthday of the Freemason, 2nd Pope John 23, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli [Tuesday, October 28, 1958 - Monday, June 3, 1963] on Sunday, November 25, 1962.

Art Bell on His Radio Program: “Coast to Coast AM”

His Eminence, Malachi Martin, D.D., was also a periodic guest on Art Bell’s radio program, “Coast to Coast AM”, between 1995 and 1998.  During one such program, he warned Art Bell not to mention something on the air which he had told him in private, before the program began, by saying: “If you say that, you will get both of us killed!”

Among many other things, his Eminence, Malachi Martin, D.D., had also stated:

1) Communist spies were very prevalent at Synod Vatican 2 [Thursday, October 11, 1962 - Wednesday, December 8, 1965].

2) “Liberation Theology” was created by the Communists.

General Ion Mihai Pacepa

This second assertion was proven to be very True by General Ion Mihai Pacepa [b. in Bucharest, Romania, on Sunday, October 28, 1928 - present], who was a former  three-star general of the “Securitate”, the Secret Police in Communist Romania.  Following the approval of his request for political asylum by President Jimmy Carter, he defected to the United States in July, 1978.

Prior to his defection, General Pacepa simultaneously held the rank of Advisor to President Nicolae Ceausescu, acting chief of his foreign intelligence service, and a State Secretary of Romania’s Ministry of Interior.

Thus far, he is the highest-ranking defector from a Communist country.  He has written a number of news articles regarding the inner workings of the Communist intelligence services, along with several books.

Since then, he has worked with the American CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) in various operations against some Communist regimes.  The CIA has described the cooperation of former General Pacepa as “an important and unique contribution to the United States”.

Ion Mihai Pacepa

When the Catholic News Agency interviewed him on Friday, May 1, 2015, Ion Mihai Pacepa said that the KGB, the Soviet Secret Police, had createdLiberation Theology”:

“The movement was born in the KGB, and it had a KGB-invented name: ‘Liberation Theology’. The birth of ‘Liberation Theology’ was the intent of a 1960 super-secret ‘Party-State Dezinformatsiya [Disinformation] Program’ approved by Aleksandr Shelepin, the Chairman of the KGB, and also by Aleksey Kirichenko, a member of the Politburo, who coordinated the Communist Party’s international policies. I learned the fine points of the KGB involvement with ‘Liberation Theology’ from Soviet General Aleksandr Sakharovsky, Communist Romania’s chief razvedka (foreign intelligence) adviser -- and my de facto boss, until 1956, when he became head of the Soviet espionage service, the PGU1, a position he held for an unprecedented record of 15 years.”
Once his Eminence, Malachi Martin, D.D., when he was still a member of the Jesuit Order, realized that, apparently many  Jesuits, especially those in South America, had accepted the KGB-invented “Liberation Theology”, in order to conquer various countries and their people, this Traditional Jesuit demanded that the 2nd pope of the .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church, Paul 6, Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini [b. at Concesio, Italy on Sunday, September 26, 1897; Pope:  Friday, June 21, 1963 - d. at Castel Gandolfo, Italy on Sunday, August 6, 1978], completely release him from the Jesuit Order because he wanted no part of the NEW Jesuits, some of whom began to fight against the governments in South America by resorting to armed violence in an attempt to implement their version of “social and economic justice” which put Communists in charge of such governments.

Automatically Excommunicated   Heretic and Apostate
2nd John 23rd, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli

Historically the first “pope” of the  .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church..of .automatically  excommunicated. .Apostates, .Modernist Heretics, and .NEW Theology Heretics, namely, 2nd John 23rd, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli [Tuesday, October 28, 1958 - Monday, June 3, 1963], implemented what is known as the Communist KGB invention which is the heresy of “Liberation Theology” - the actual name which the Communist KGB gave to their invention, and which 2 John 23 tried to sell under the cover of “the pressing need for social justice”.  Hence, it was no surprise that the heresy of “Liberation Theology” quickly took root in various places in South America.

Ironically, even the fourth “pope” of the .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church, namely, the .automatically  excommunicated. .Apostate, .Modernist Heretic, and .NEW Theology Heretic,  JP-2, Karol Wyotya [Monday, October 16, 1978 - Friday, April 1, 2005], recognized “Liberation Theology” as a heresy, and stated that the:

“conception of Christ as a political figure, a revolutionary, as the subversive of Nazareth, does not tally with the church’s catechism.”

JP-2 wagging his finger at
“Liberation Theology” Heretic/Apostate Ernesto Cardenal

In 1983, JP-2, wagged his finger at Sandinista government minister and Nicaraguan "priest", Ernesto Cardenal, on a trip to Managua, scolding him and warning him to “straighten out the situation in your church.” At that time, Cardenal was one of the most prominent heretical “Liberation Theologians” of the Sandinista regime.

B-16 termed the Communist KGB invention, which they called - “Liberation Theology” - a “singular heresy,” and condemned this heresy as a “fundamental threat” to the church.  B-16 also forbade some of its heretical disciples from publicly speaking about it.  B-16 even ordered some of the more virulent heretical “priests” to come the Vatican, after which B-16 reprimanded them because they had abandoned their spiritual role by replacing it with Communistic socio-economic activism which is inconsistent with the role of the church.

But then along comes F-1 with the Communist KGB invention, “Liberation Theology” - which B-16 ccondemned as a “singular heresy,” and condemned this heresy as a “fundamental threat” to the church.


The Heresies of the Fake and Phony pope Francis 1
Include Liberation Theology


Communist Symbol
Is An Attempt
To Show
The Triumph of Communism
Over Christ

Satanist Symbol
An Attempt to Show
The Triumph of Satan
Over Christ

These Symbols Show the Fake and Phony pope Francis 1
Liberated from Christ

Tradition is Anathema with the
 ..automatically  excommunicated. .Apostate, .Modernist Heretic,
NEW Theology Heretic, and   anti-Catholic Infiltratorpope Francis 1
of the .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church

We understand that the  .Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church's.   Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith formerly declared “Liberation Theology” as being  Marxist (atheistic Communism).

Everyone needs to realize that Francis 1, Jorge Mario Bergoglio [Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - present] was aLiberation TheologySouth-American Jesuit before he was chosen to be the  6th “pope” of the .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church.    Therefore, it should not be a surprise to anyone that “pope”, F-1, allegedly, has stated that the NEW Jesuits, especially those in South America, are a “civic and humanitarian group”!

 Traditional Papal Staff
With the Three Cross Pieces

Pope Saint Leo I
[Saturday, September 29, 440 - Thursday, November 10, 461]

Words of Wisdom

“Let not that be defended which may not be believed.” (Pope Saint Leo I [Saturday, September 29, 440 - Thursday, November 10, 461], Encyclical Letter XCIII [93], to the Infallible Roman Catholic Fourth Ścumenical Council, The First Council of Chalcedon [Sunday, October 8, 451 A.D. -  Wednesday, November 1, 451 A.D.]; emphasis added.)

“He who discovers that others are in error, but fails to correct them, thereby testifies that he himself is in error.”  (Pope Saint Leo I, the Great, Infallible Encyclical Letter XV [15], To Bishop Turibius, Bishop of Astorga, Spain, “On the Errors of the Priscillianists”, ¶ XVI [16], Sunday, July 21, 447 A.D.)

None should be allowed “to call into question the Belief which the [Apostolic] Fathers received [directly] from the Apostles, as if there is any doubt what this is”.  (Pope Saint Leo I, “Letter to Emperor Marcian at Constantinople”, Monday, June 26, 451.)

“That the ears of the Faithful may attest that We Preach nothing else than what We received from Our Forefathers.”  (Pope Saint Leo the Great [Saturday, September 29, 440 - Thursday, November 10, 461], “The Letters and Sermons of Leo the Great, Bishop of Rome, Letter CXXIX [129], To Hieromartyr, Patriarch Proterius of Alexandria [451 A.D. - 457 A.D.].  II. Let him fortify the faithful by the public reading aloud of quotations from the Fathers bearing on the question and of the Tome.”)


Haughty Fake and Phony pope F-1
Who is an .automatically   excommunicated..Apostate. and  .Modernist Heretic..
Pro Communist KGB Liberation Theology



“A person who thinks only about building walls,
wherever they may be, and not of building bridges, is
not Christian.”  (pope F-1 in reference to
Donald Trump building a wall
at the U.S./Mexico border.)

So the Catholic Bible is NOT “Christian”?!
“The New Jerusalem” has “A Wall, Great
and High, Having Twelve Gates.”
(Apocalypse 21:12).  Note: “The
New Jerusalem” has NO Bridges!
Oh, F-1 Flunked his Bible Classes?!

Thus the Mumblings of an

 automatically   excommunicated..Apostate. and  .Modernist Heretic!

Mr. Donald Trump Refuted the anti-Catholic pope's Allegation

Published on February 18, 2016

February 18, 2016 -- At a rally on Kiawah Island, South Carolina, Donald Trump refuted Pope Francis’ suggestion that the billionaire Republican candidate “is not Christian” because he wants to build a wall on the Mexican border.

Reading from a press release, Mr. Donald Trump said:

“If and when the Vatican is attacked by ISIS, which, as everyone knows, is ISIS’s ultimate trophy, I can promise you that the Pope would have only wished and prayed that Donald Trump would have been President because this would not have happened.”

Automatically   excommunicated..Apostate. and  .Modernist Heretic
pope Francis 1, MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio's
Liberation Theology

Automatically   excommunicated..Apostate. and  .Modernist Heretic,
pope Francis 1, MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio
[Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - present]
The LAYMAN pope of an anti-Catholic pseudo-church

Historically, Ecclesiastically, and Theologically, We understand that MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio was “ordained” both a "priest" and a "bishop" with the NEW liturgical rites of the Roman Pontifical of 1969.


We have already proven that the NEW rite in the Roman Pontifical of 1969 for the so-called ordination of priests is per se INVALID.

We have also already proven that the NEW rite in the Roman Pontifical of 1969 for the so-called ordination of bishops is likewise per se INVALID.

Therefore, based upon these indisputable and well-known theological factual Truths, the likewise indisputable, and hence, logical conclusion is that ALL Laymen who are ordained priests and ordained bishops with the NEW rite in the Roman Pontifical of 1969, are only LAYMEN insofar as the Roman Catholic Church is concerned.

For those who would want to try to dispute this ecclesiastical and theological fact, by saying they are, in fact, priests and bishops, We ONLY concede that they are priests and bishops, NOT of the Roman Catholic Church, as they claim to be, but instead, based upon the indisputable theological axiom of Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, as explained on other of Our web pages, they are merely clergy - IF they want to wrongly think of themselves as some unknown kind of priests and bishops - of some unknown kind of priests and bishops who have no powers of the Holy Sacrament of Holy Orders of the Roman Catholic Church, in any way or manner of whatsoever kind and/or genus, and howsoever, and wheresoever, constituted.

On the contrary, they are, ONLY at the very most, merely some unknown kind of priests and bishops  of the .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church..of .automatically  excommunicated. .Apostates, .Modernist Heretics, and .NEW Theology Heretics,  as well as gangs of  anti-Catholic Infiltrators, so that, insofar as the Roman Catholic Church is concerned, not only are they NOT members of the Roman Catholic Church, they are also NOT VALID Roman Catholic Priests and Bishops, but merely fake and phony clergy who are only de facto LAYMEN who are forbidden to call themselves priests and bishops.

Historically, because We understand that the LAYMAN known as MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio was “ordained” both a priest and a bishop with the NEW liturgical rites of the Roman Pontifical of 1969 of, and inside of, the  .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church..of .automatically  excommunicated. .Apostates, .Modernist Heretics, and .NEW Theology Heretics,  and  anti-Catholic Infiltrators.

Therefore, this means that, insofar as the Roman Catholic Church is concerned, the LAYMAN who is known as MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio  is de facto still a LAYMAN, which means he has no Sacramental power to do anything which a  validly  ordained Roman Catholic Priest and a   validly   consecrated Roman Catholic Bishop (of whatsoever rank of Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction) can do!

This also means that the de facto LAYMAN, MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio is likewise NOT a Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, but, at the very most, just like all of the other LAYMEN clergy of the    .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church..of .automatically  excommunicated. .Apostates, .Modernist Heretics, and .NEW Theology Heretics,  he pretends to be what he is not and never was, and instead only the LAYMAN pope of the said .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church.

Therefore, it is no wonder that the de facto LAYMAN, MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who is a fake and phony pope, and who, therefore, not surprisingly, does NOT even act like a  REAL Roman Catholic Pope, as witnessed by his anti-Catholic and anti-Christ  very recent (February 18, 2016) verbal attack and tirade against Republican Presidential Candidate, Mr. Donald Trump, and also against the United States of America, including his insidious demand that the U.S. tear down its fence, and never build a wall, across the U.S./Mexican common border to let in all kinds of people, including criminals, terrorists, ISIS, etc., spoke from the profundity of his heresy and the darkness of his mind.

The same holds true for his Satanic claim that Mr. Trump is “not a Christian”, because Mr. Trump wants to build a wall to protect America and American Citizens from criminals, illegals, terrorists, ISIS, etc.!

MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, not surprisingly, does not know what the Word of God, found in the real Catholic Bible, says about   walls and the gates in the walls  -  with no reference at all to bridges within this context!

In effect, this also means that the de facto LAYMAN, MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who is a fake and phony pope, and who, therefore, not surprisingly, does NOT even act like a  REAL Roman Catholic Pope, verbally attacked all American Citizens who want to protect their families from illegals, criminals, gangs, terrorists, ISIS, etc. because all real Americans want and need a secure wall  at the U.S./Mexican border to keep out all such evil people in order to keep their families and themselves safe from people with all kinds of physical diseases, as well as all such murderers, thieves, criminals, gang members, ISIS, etc., etc.  In other words, this fake and phony pope really called each American Citizen, Catholic and non-Catholic, who wants to keep his/her family safe“not a Christian”!

So, which American Catholics, in their right mind, would ever want to have anything to do with the so-called church of which the de facto LAYMAN, MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is its fake and phony pope?!  Remember - he just called each American Catholic “not a Christian”  also, just as he also did to Mr. Trump, and all other real Americans!

For the record, We have not only read comments from various Catholics, some of whom were already disgusted with all of the heretical changes of the changes of the changes of the never-ending changes in their local   .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church, but We have also been told by various Catholics, who are likewise fed-up with all of the anti-Catholic, heretical changes of the changes of the changes of the never-ending changes in their local .anti-Catholic. .Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church, that they will never again attend, and no longer ever financially support, their former local .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-churches!

Everyone of them was totally disgusted with the blatant stupidity, and anti-Christian, and anti-Catholic behavior of Automatically Excommunicated Heretic and Apostate pope, Francis 1, MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio's hereticalLiberation Theology”!

On the contrary, Mr. Trump, We understand, has personally been helping many unfortunate individuals.  One of but many examples We have heard recently is that Mr. Trump repaid a kind Samaritan who fixed a flat tire on Mr. Trump's limo when he was stranded on the side of the road.  In response to Mr. Trump's question, How can I repay you?, the good Samaritan merely answered:  Send a bouquet of flowers to my Wife.

Then a month or so passed and his Wife got a huge bouquet of red roses with a note included with the flowers.  The note said: By the way, I paid off the mortgage on your home.  This is but one of so many more examples of the true Christian Charity of Mr. Trump from whom the  Automatically Excommunicated Heretic and Apostate, and de facto LAYMAN, MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the fake and phony pope, should take some lessons of real and true Christian Charity!

Historically, it must also be noted that the Layman, known as MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, falsely called a  pope, during his visit to Cuba, never paid tribute to those who died attempting to escape the Hell of that Communist dungeon, yet this same hypocrite,  paid tribute to those “migrants who have perished trying to reach the United States just a stone’s throw away,” while he was at the U.S./Mexican border! This unjust verbal attack against the U.S.A. is against a country which has one, if not THE most, generous immigration policies in the entire world!

Automatically   excommunicated..Apostate. and  .Modernist Heretic
pope-MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio:

Automatically   excommunicated..Apostate. and  .Modernist Heretic
pope, MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio
Here is Part of the WALL Around the Vatican!

automatically   excommunicated..Apostate. and  .Modernist Heretic
pope, MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio
An Aerial View of the Wall Around Vatican City, Outlined in White

WHY does not this SATANIC  HYPOCRITE,  MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the FAKE and PHONY pope, tear down ALL of the WALLS around Vatican City to let in all kinds of people, including criminals, terrorists, ISIS, etc.?!

After all, this is really the bottom line of what the  .automatically   excommunicated..Apostate. and  .Modernist Heretic..  pope, MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, demanded the U.S. do when he was at the U.S./Mexican border on his visit to this border at Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, on Thursday, February 18, 2016 which is the logical expression of the Communist KGB invention known as the Heresy of Liberation Theology which Bergoglio preaches and demands that everyone believe, or at least, comply with this nonsense!

Thursday, February 18, 2016
Automatically   excommunicated..Apostate. and  .Modernist Heretic,
pope F-1 CURSES the  U.S.A.  with His  Fake papal Blessing
In Mexico at the U.S. Border

Thursday, February 18, 2016
Automatically   excommunicated..Apostate. and  .Modernist Heretic,
F-1 CURSES the  U.S.A.  with His  Fake papal Blessing
In Mexico at the U.S. Border

Automatically   excommunicated..Apostate. and  .Modernist Heretic
pope - MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio
Thursday, February 18, 2016
In Mexico at the U.S. Border

Walls and Gates in the Walls

An Ancient Wall of Jerusalem

Dr. Eilat Mazar, Hebrew University of Jerusalem archaeologist,
points to the tenth century B.C. excavations that were uncovered
under her direction in the Ophel area adjacent to the Old City of Jerusalem.

This photograph shows a section of an ancient city wall of Jerusalem from the tenth century B.C. (between 1000 BC and 901 BC), which was possibly built by King Solomon.

A Few Biblical References to Walls and Gates of Walls

“But it hath very strong inhabitants, and the cities are great and walled.” (Numbers 13:29).

“The angel stood in a narrow place between two walls, wherewith the vineyards were enclosed.” (Numbers 22:24).

“Which suburbs shall reach from the walls of the cities outward, a thousand paces on every side.” (Numbers 35:4).

“Whither shall we go up? the messengers have terrified our hearts, saying: The multitude is very great, and taller than we: the cities are great, and walled up to the sky, we have seen the sons of the Enacims there.” (Deuteronomy 1:28).

“Hear, O Israel: Thou shalt go over the Jordan this day; to possess nations very great, and stronger than thyself, cities great, and walled up to the sky.” (Deuteronomy 9:1).

“Then she let them down with a cord out of a window: for her house joined close to the wall.” (Josue 2:15).

“And threw it, thinking to nail David to the wall: and David stepped aside out of his presence twice.” (1 Kings 18:11).

“And Saul endeavored to nail David to the wall with his spear. And David slipped away out of the presence of Saul: and the spear missed him, and was fastened in the wall, and David fled, and escaped that night.” (1 Kings 19:10).

“And they cut off Saul's head, and stripped him of his armour, and sent into the land of the Philistines round about, to publish it in the temples of their idols and among their people.  And they put his armor in the temple of Astaroth, but his body they hung on the wall of Bethsan.” (1 Kings 31:9-10).

“If thou see him to be angry, and he shall say: Why did you approach so near to the wall to fight? knew you not that many darts are thrown from above off the wall?  Who killed Abimelech the son of Jerobaal? did not a woman cast a piece of a millstone upon him from the wall and slew him in Thebes? Why did you go near the wall? Thou shalt say: Thy servant Urias the Hethite is also slain.   So the messenger departed, and came and told David all that Joab had commanded him.  And the messenger said to David: The men prevailed against us, and they came out to us into the field: and we vigorously charged and pursued them even to the gate of the city. And the archers shot their arrows at thy servants from off the wall above: and some of the king's servants are slain, and thy servant Urias the Hethite is also dead.” (2 Kings 11:20-24).

“And David sat between the two gates: and the watchman that was on the top of the gate upon the wall, lifting up his eyes, saw a man running alone.” (2 Kings 18:24).

“20:21. The matter is not so, but a man of mount Ephraim, Seba the son of Bochri by name, hath lifted up his hand against king David: deliver him only, and we will depart from the city. And the woman said to Joab: Behold his head shall be thrown to thee from the wall.  So she went to all the people, and spoke to them wisely: and they cut off the head of Seba the son of Bochri, and cast it out to Joab. And he sounded the trumpet, and they departed from the city, every one to their home: and Joab returned to Jerusalem to the king.” (2 Kings 20:21-22).

They passed near the walls of Tyre, and all the land of the Hevite, and the Chanaanite, and they came to the south of Juda into Bersabee:” (2 Kings 24:7).

“And the kingdom was established in the hand of Solomon, and he made affinity with Pharao, the king of Egypt: for he took his daughter, and brought her into the city of David: until he had made an end of building his own house, and the house of the Lord, and the wall of Jerusalem round about.” (3 Kings 3:1).

“Bengaber, in Ramoth Galaad: he had the town of Jair, the son of Manasses, in Galaad: he was chief in all the country of Argob, which is in Basan, threescore great cities with walls, and brazen bolts.” (3 Kings 1:13).

“This is the sum of the expenses, which king Solomon offered to build the house of the Lord, and his own house, and Mello, and the wall of Jerusalem, and Heser, and Mageddo, and Gazer.” (3 Kings 9:15).

“But Joas, king of Israel, took Amasias, king of Juda, the son of Joas, the son of Ochozias, in Bethsames, and brought him into Jerusalem; and he broke down the wall of Jerusalem, from the gate of Ephraim to the gate of the corner, four hundred cubits.” (4 Kings 14:13).

“Because he was wiser and mightier than all his sons, and in all the countries of Juda, and of Benjamin, and in all the walled cities.” (2 Paralipomenon 11:23).

“And in the six and thirtieth year of his kingdom, Baasa the king of Israel came up against Juda, and built a wall about Rama, that no one might safely go out or come in of the kingdom of Asa.” (2 Paralipomenon 16:1).

“And it came to pass, that when Sanaballat heard that we were building the wall he was angry: and being moved exceedingly he scoffed at the Jews.” (2 Esdras 4:1).

So we built the wall, and joined it all together unto the half thereof: and the heart of the people was excited to work.  And it came to pass, when Sanaballat, and Tobias, and the Arabians, and the Ammonites, and the Azotians heard that the walls of Jerusalem were made up, and the breaches began to be closed, that they were exceedingly angry.  And they all assembled themselves together, to come, and to fight against Jerusalem, and to prepare ambushes.  And we prayed to our God, and set watchmen upon the wall day and night against them.” (2 Esdras 4:6-9).

“Now after the wall [around Jerusalem] was built, and I had set up the doors, and numbered the porters and singing men, and Levites:  I commanded Hanani, my brother, and Hananias ruler of the house of Jerusalem, (for he seemed as a sincere man, and one that feared God above the rest,) And I said to them: Let not the gates of Jerusalem be opened till the sun be hot. And while they were yet standing by, the gates were shut, and barred.”  (2 Esdras 7:1-3).

“And at the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem they sought the Levites out of all their places, to bring them to Jerusalem, and to keep the dedication, and to rejoice with thanksgiving, and with singing, and with cymbals, and psalteries and harps..” (2 Esdras 12:27).

“And they compassed their towns with walls and gathered together corn for provision for war.” (Judith 4:4).

“And they two went out according to their custom, as it were to prayer, and they passed the camp, and having compassed the valley, they came to the gate of the city.  And Judith from afar off cried to the watchmen upon the walls: Open the gates for God is with us, who hath shewn his power in Israel.” (Judith 13:12-13).

“And Judith said to all the people: Hear me, my brethren, hang ye up this head upon our walls.” (Judith 14:1).

“Deal favourably, O Lord, in thy good will with Sion; that the walls of Jerusalem may be built up.” (Psalm 50:20).

“At Damascus, the governor of the nation under Aretas the king, guarded the city of the Damascenes, to apprehend me.  And through a window in a basket was I let down by the wall, and so escaped his hands.” (2 Corinthians 11:32-33).

By faith the walls of Jericho fell down, by the going round them seven days.” (Hebrews 11:30).

The New Jerusalem
It Has a Wall Great and High, Having Twelve Gates
Note:  It Does NOT Have a Bridge!

“And he took me up in spirit to a great and high mountain:  and he shewed me the holy city Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God, Having the glory of God, and the light thereof was like to a precious stone, as to the jasper stone, even as crystal.  And it had a wall great and high, having twelve gates, and in the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel.  On the east, three gates:  and on the north, three gates:  and on the south, three gates:  and on the west, three gates.  And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in them, the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.  And he that spoke with me, had a measure of a reed of gold, to measure the city and the gates thereof, and the wall.  And the city lieth in a foursquare, and the length thereof is as great as the breadth:  and he measured the city with the golden reed for twelve thousand furlongs, and the length and the height and the breadth thereof are equal.  And he measured the wall thereof an hundred and forty-four cubits, the measure of a man, which is of an angel.  And the building of the wall thereof was of jasper stone:  but the city itself pure gold, like to clear glass.  And the foundations of the wall of the city were adorned with all manner of precious stones.  The first foundation was jasper:  the second, sapphire:  the third, a chalcedony:  the fourth, an emerald: The fifth, sardonyx:  the sixth, sardius:  the seventh, chrysolite:  the eighth, beryl:  the ninth, a topaz:  the tenth, a chrysoprasus:  the eleventh, a jacinth:  the twelfth, an amethyst.  And the twelve gates are twelve pearls, one to each:  and every several gate was of one several pearl.  And the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass..” (Apocalypse 21:10-21).

It is self-evident that the pope, MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, does not know the many references in the Catholic Bible to walls and gates, most especially the 4 walls and 12 gates of the New Jerusalem found in Apocalypse 21:10-21.

A List of Walls

Pre-Modern Walls:

The Walls of Ston are a series of defensive stone walls, originally more than 4.3 miles long, that surrounded and protected the city of Ston, in Dalmatia, part of the Republic of Ragusa, in what is now Southern Croatia.

Turkey: Anastasian Wall in Turkey
United Kingdom: Antonine Wall in Scotland, United Kingdom
Italy: Aurelian Walls of Rome
Spain: Ávila Walls, Spain
Spain: Barcelona Walls, Spain
Pakistan: Ranikot Fort,Second Largest wall of South Asia
Switzerland: Basel City Walls in Basel, Switzerland
Egypt: Cairo great wall, Egypt
North Korea/China: Cheolli Jangseong, North Korea and China
United Kingdom: Chester city walls in England, United Kingdom
China: The Great Wall of China, China.  It is the world's longest wall.
Turkey: Walls of Constantinople in Turkey, including the Constantinian and Theodosian Walls
United Kingdom: Conwy town walls in Wales, United Kingdom
Denmark: Danevirke, Denmark
United Kingdom: Derry city walls, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Turkey: Diyarbakir city walls, Turkey.
Croatia: Walls of Dubrovnik in Croatia
United Kingdom" King's Wall and Flodden Wall, in Edinburgh, Scotland (built c.1425–1560)
Algeria: Tunisia Fossatum Africae
Germany: Roman limes in Upper Germania, Lower Germania and Rhaetia, Germany
Iran: Great Wall of Gorgan in Iran, (World's second longest wall)
United Kingdom: Hadrian's Wall in England
Philippines: Intramuros Walls, Manila, Philippines
West Bank: Walls of Jericho
Israel: Jerusalem's Old City walls
India: Walls of Kumbhalgarh in Rajasthan, India
Russia: Kremlin Wall in Moscow, Russia
United Kingdom: London Wall in England, United Kingdom
Spain: Roman Walls of Lugo, Spain
Spain: Arabic Walls of Niebla, Spain
Greece: Long Walls linking the port of Piraeus to Athens, Greece
Turkey: Long Wall (Thracian Chersonese)
United Kingdom: Offa's Dyke between Mercia (England) and Powys (Wales)
Poland: Paczków defensive wall, Poland
Peru: Sacsayhuamán, a fortress above Cuzco, Peru
Ukraine: Serpent's Wall, the ancient walls in Ukraine
Italy: Servian Wall, in Rome
United Kingdom: Wall of Severus, between Roman Britain and [not recorded]
Poland: Silesia Walls, Poland
Mexico: Great Wall of Tlaxcala, mentioned in the history of Bernal Díaz del Castillo
Romania: Trajan's Wall, in Dobruja, Romania
Sweden: Visby Ringwall, Gotland, Sweden
United Kingdom: Wat's Dyke parallel, for part of the distance, to Offa's Dyke, England:Wales.
Israel: Western Wall in Jerusalem (also called the Wailing Wall, Kotel HaMa'aravi, and Al-Buraq Wall)
China: City Wall of Xi'an in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China
United Kingdom: York city walls in England, United Kingdom
Croatia: Walls of Ston in Ston, Croatia
Vietnam: Long Wall of Quing Ngãi in Quing Ngãi, Vietnam.
Nigeria: Ancient Kano City Walls, built around 1095 A.D. - 1134 A.D.
Modern Walls:
France: Atlantic Wall in France
German: Berlin Wall in Germany 1961–1989 (in concrete: 1975–1989)
France" Communards' Wall in the Père Lachaise Cemetery, in Paris, France
China: Democracy Wall, in Beijing (1978–1979)
Peru: Lima City Walls in Lima, Peru
Czech Republic: Lennon Wall in Prague
United States: The Seawall in Portland, Oregon
United States: Vietnam Veterans Memorial, often called The Wall
Italy: Via Anelli Wall in Padua, Italy
Walls in use today:
MoroccoTemplate: Country data Southern ProvincesSahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Moroccan Wall of Western Sahara
IsraelWest Bank: Sections of the Israeli West Bank barrier, West Bank
United Kingdom: Belfast Peace Lines in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
North Korea/South Korea: Korean Wall (alleged by DPRK), Korean Demilitarized Zone
Ceuta Morocco: Ceuta border fence, in Ceuta, Autonomous city of Spain
Melilla, Morocco: Melilla border fence in Melilla, Autonomous city of Spain
Northern Cyprus: Cyprus Nicosia Wall, along the Green Line on the island of Cyprus dividing North and South.
Mexico-United States: US/Mexico Border
China: Hong Kong Frontier Closed Area along Hong Kong-China border
Hungary: SerbiaHungary-Serbia barrier
Although the pope, MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who demands that the United States remove its fences and walls from the U.S./Mexican border, and definitely not build a modern large wall (with a number of gates in the wall), as Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump wants to do, and, despite the fact that Bergoglio is from South America, nevertheless, he seems not to be aware of the historical fact, not only that Mexico is building a wall on its Southern Border, but also, further back in history, an area of Mexico had a wall to keep out undesirable people from a particular territory!

The Tlaxcalans, a Nahua people, founded the city of Tlaxcala which eventually grew into a confederation of four sub-states called Tepectipac, Ocotelulco, Tizatlán and Quiahuixtlán.  However, at about the same time, another group of Nahua people, known as the Mexica, who were building the expansive Aztec Empire, caused these two peoples to be in an almost perpetual state of war.

Therefore, in order to protect themselves from the Aztec savages, who sacrificed their prisoners at their pagan temples, the Tlaxcalans built a very large wall which totally encircled their territory and kept them safe from the Aztecs.  When Cortez arrived in Mexico in 1519, he discovered that the Tlaxcalans were completely isolated in the middle of the murderous Aztec territory.  Cortez claims that the walls, which protected the entire Tlaxcalan territory, were “about one and a half times the height of a man, and they were twenty paces wide, and stretched beyond what the eye could see.” The constant warfare with the Mexica gave the Tlaxcalans a valid reason to ally themselves with the Spaniards.

Therefore, since the Tlaxcalans built a wall to protect their country from the Mexica, and since today Mexico is building a wall on its Southern Border, why is it not ok for the U.S. to build a wall to protect America from very specific types of modern-day Mexica?!

Why does not the pope, MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, condemn the wall of the Tlaxcalans which was built to protect them from the Mexica?

Likewise, what about the Mexican government building a wall on its Southern Border?  Here is the latest information We have discovered:

Mexican Tax Administration (SAT)

Despite the controlled news media in the U.S.A., sometimes a few facts slip through the anti-American censorship web.  One recent example is that the Mexican government is working on building a wall along the southern border of Mexico with Guatemala.  The stated purpose of this wall is that it is intended to prevent contraband from coming into Mexico.

Also, the Mexican border state of Chiapas is constructing a wall along the country’s southern border with Guatemala, along the river Suchiate which divides the countries of Mexico and Guatemala.

According to the uncensored reports, a member of the Mexican Tax Administration (SAT), Raul Diaz, confirmed that this is true, and, despite the official purpose given for the wall, he admitted:

It could also prevent the free passage of illegal immigrants.”
Dave Gibbson of The Examiner indicates that this is hypocrisy by the Mexican government since it has frequently criticized the United States for its construction of a fence along the U.S. Southern Border with Mexico, which is also, of course, the Northern Border of Mexico.  The Mexican government claims that the passage of 500,000 people from Central America into Mexico is an appropriate reason for a wall.  However, each year at least 500,000 people cross over the border from Northern Mexico into Southern Arizona. Even so, this has not stopped Mexico from criticizing the State of Arizona for the introduction of its immigration law, Senate Bill 1070.  [ 4 ]

Reporting from Guatemala City, Danilo Valladares of the Inter-Press Service (IPS) notes that there will be one more barrier for Guatemalan immigrants in their trek to the United States. In addition to dodging dangerous drug traffickers and immigration officials, the latest obstacle is emerging: a wall between Guatemala and Mexico.


Lest there be any misunderstandings on this subject, for the record, We have personally known a number of people from Mexico with whom We have been personal friends, both Priests and Prelates, as well as Laypeople.  These are very, very good people and We have had a wonderful relationship with some of them over many, many years!

The kind of people about which the wall is primarily intended is to keep out all kinds of evil people, such as gangs, hoodlums, terrorists, ISIS, etc. - many of whom only use the country of Mexico to gain entrance, illegally, into the U.S.A. and are not even citizens of Mexico!

However, as is the case with all sovereign countries, the U.S.A. has a procedure for every non-American citizen to use to become a legal citizen of the U.S.A.  This is part of the ultimate purpose of this wall - legal entry into the U.S.A., and a defense against evil people coming over the border to commit various crimes against American citizens, including those of Mexican descent who are legal citizens of the U.S.A.!

Here are but two of many examples of people who were born in Mexico, and who have lived in Mexico for most of their lives, except for some trips to the U.S.A., and to some Western European countries, primarily on Catholic Church business, and with whom We have been very fortunate to have become acquainted, going back many, many decades.

Our first example is Father Joaquin Sáenz y Arriaga, S.J.:

Father Joaquin Sáenz y Arriaga, S.J.
PhD. (Philosophiæ Doctor - Doctor of Philosophy)
Th. D. (Doctor Theologiæ - Doctor of Theology)
J.C.D. (Juris Canonici Doctor - Doctor of Canon Law)

Father Joaquin Sáenz y Arriaga, S.J. has written many books.  Unfortunately, We have only brief excerpts from three of his important books, translated from Spanish into English, (one of which he wrote under a pen name).  Here are the names of these books which are linked to those web pages on this web site:

SEDE VACANTE - Paul VI is not a legitimate Pope

The New Montinian Church

The Plot Against the Church

Most probably the most controversial of any of his books is his very famous SEDE VACANTE  (The Empty Chair).  At this present time, and to the best of Our knowledge, We personally do not know of anyone who has attacked, and/or of any group which has attacked, this principle of a Papal SEDE VACANTE   and who, and/or which, has the academic credentials of Father Joaquin Sáenz y Arriaga, S.J., which, among others, include these three Doctorates:
1.  PhD. (Philosophiæ Doctor - Doctor of Philosophy)

2.  Th. D. (Doctor Theologiæ - Doctor of Theology)

3.  J.C.D. (Juris Canonici Doctor - Doctor of Canon Law)

We have been very fortunate to have been able to have had a number of personal meetings with Father Joaquin Sáenz y Arriaga, S.J., one-on-one, face-to-face.  His answers to Our many questions were very clear, logical, straightforward, as well as theologically and Canonically very sound.

His books have shed a bright light on various important subjects which have driven out the darkness of the rampant confusion, chaos, contradictions, heresies, and apostasy, which had surged like a tidal wave in the wake of   Synod Vatican 2,  and its destructive aftermath which tried to drown the unchangeable Truths of the Catholic Faith with the incessant floods of lies and heresies to be found in various articles, and/or books, by a number of the members of the   .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church..of .automatically  excommunicated. .Apostates, .Modernist Heretics, and .NEW Theology Heretics.

Note:  We do NOT claim that ALL of the detractors of Father Joaquin Sáenz y Arriaga, S.J., who are want to dispute the self-evident theological and canonical fact of the Papal SEDE VACANTE, because all Popes, beginning with 2nd John 23rd, are only the members of the .anti-Catholic. .Satanic. .Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church..of .automatically  excommunicated. .Apostates, .Modernist Heretics, and .NEW Theology Heretics.

One of the basic principles, which constitute part of Our position, in addition to what is to be found in some of the writings of Father Joaquin Sáenz y Arriaga, S.J., including portions of his book:  SEDE VACANTE - Paul VI is not a legitimate Pope, is the obvious principle, used by various Roman Catholic Popes, e.g. Pope Leo XIII and Pope Pius XII:   legem credendi lex statuit supplicandi, a.k.a.  lex orandi, lex credendi.

In addition to Our personal meetings with Father Sáenz, We were also physically present when Father Sáenz gave his keynote address at the First International Convention of Traditional Roman Catholics in the summer of 1973 at Perrysburg, Ohio, which is a suburb of Toledo, Ohio.  Before his speech to the Convention, Father spoke at length to one of the various small discussion workshop groups, at which We were also fortunate to be present, which was also called an informal round table discussion group at which everyone was seated at a table.  Most, if not all, of the people at this table were amazed at the depth of knowledge of Father Sáenz who briefly and objectively responded to some questions after his informal, but profound, speech.

Both Father's defenders and opponents have termed this principle of a Papal Sede Vacante (which simply means that the Papal Chair is empty, meaning that there is currently no lawful and valid Pope of the Roman Catholic Church) as sedevacantism, and its followers as sedevacantists, who are frequently reviled as if they are brainless idiots by those who disagree with this very basic and very sound theological and ecclesiastical principle.

Some people have incorrectly labeled Us as a sedevacantist, because they do not correctly understand Our position.  They have misunderstand what We have said, whether on Our TV Programs, and/or in Our public statements, and/or in Our public talks/speeches, and/or in what We have written.

Among a number of different reasons WHY We are NOT an actual sedevacantist, is the fact that, in regard to only ONE, of what are a number, of the required distinctions, which most people fail to make,

(N.B.:  There seem to be about 4 other people who have made but only one of these necessary and required distinctions, and which, in effect, also means that technically these other 4 people are likewise NOT sedevacantists, either.)
is the distinction between the Popes of the Roman Catholic Church and the popes of the NEW  .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church..of .automatically  excommunicated. .Apostates, .Modernist Heretics, and .NEW Theology Heretics.

Said another way, for purposes of clarification, at the present time, thus far there have been six popes of the NEW  .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church..of .automatically  excommunicated. .Apostates, .Modernist Heretics, and .NEW Theology Heretics, which said popes are listed below.

1.   2nd John XXIII   (2nd John 23rd), Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli [Pope:  Tuesday, October 28, 1958 - Monday, June 3, 1963].

2. Paul VI (Paul 6), Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini [Pope:  Friday, June 21, 1963 - d. at Castel Gandolfo, Italy on Sunday, August 6, 1978].

3.  John-Paul 1, (JP-1), Albano Luciani [Pope:  Saturday, August 26, 1978 -  assassinated on Thursday, September 28, 1978].
4.  John-Paul 2, (JP-2), Karol Wyotya [Pope:  Monday, October 16, 1978 - Friday, April 1, 2005].
5.   Benedict XVI, (B-16),  Joseph Ratzinger [Pope:  Tuesday, April 19, 2005 - resigned on Thursday, February 28, 2013 (still living)].
6.   Francis 1, (F-1), Jorge Mario Bergoglio [Pope:  Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - present].

This means that thus far the . .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church..of .automatically  excommunicated. .Apostates, .Modernist Heretics, and .NEW Theology Heretics,  has NOT been without any popes, for any real extended time period, as is the case with the Roman Catholic Church, concerning which the .Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church popes,   are NOT actual popes of the Roman Catholic Church, but, instead, both theologically and ecclesiastically, all six of the above listed six popes are de facto popes of an anti-Catholic church, and which anti-Catholic church  has physically occupied the Vatican since the time of  2nd John XXIII (2nd John 23rd), Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli [pope: Tuesday, October 28, 1958 - Monday, June 3, 1963]!

The ultimate problem of most people, both pro and con, on the subject of Papal Sede Vacante, consists in their failure to make this required and necessary proper distinction of which church a certain  pope  is the  pope  of that specific church!

Of course, the members of, and especially the popes of, the . .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church..of .automatically  excommunicated. .Apostates, .Modernist Heretics, and .NEW Theology Heretics,  will lie instead of admitting this True Historical Fact.

One proof, thereof, is to be found in the basic obvious principle, used by various Roman Catholic Popes, e.g. Pope Leo XIII, and Pope Pius XII:   legem credendi, lex statuit supplicandi, a.k.a.  lex orandi, lex credendi.

Therefore, it is ONLY in THIS SENSE, that the very, very few virtual handful people who take this position, to wit - who make the required and necessary distinction between those who are Popes of the Roman Catholic Church, and those who are popes of the NEW   .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church..of .automatically  excommunicated. .Apostates, .Modernist Heretics, and .NEW Theology Heretics,  are instead lex orandists, lex credendists.

However, lest anyone think, for whatever reason(s), despite what We have stated, that somehow or another, We might still be a sedevacantist, or, at the very least, that We are a lex orandist, lex credendist, please know that We are NOT a sedevacantist, just as We are NOT a  lex orandist, lex credendist.

This probably seems contradictory for some Readers?  IF so, then the obvious question arises, if in fact We are NOT a sedevacantist, and We are NOT a  lex orandist, lex credendist, then just exactly what are We?  In other words, what is Our position on the subject of the vacancy of the Papacy in the Roman Catholic Church and the existence of the papacy in the .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church..of .automatically  excommunicated. .Apostates, .Modernist Heretics, and .NEW Theology Heretics?

Many years ago, We wrote a book in which We provide over 70 factual, substantiated, proofs for the actual position We have taken in this regard.  Unfortunately, when some authors write a book, which contains certain basic Truths, sometimes these Truths are considered to be controversial just because too many book publishers seem to be more into the mind control of their readers than they are in regard to the factual Truths to be found in various book manuscripts, so that such books are never published.  This has been the fate of Our book because it is contrary to what seems to be deliberate brainwashing by some book publishers?

Needless to say, such a book consists of well over 500 pages and is thus too expensive to attempt to self-publish.  Since there is no way one can condense a book of this magnitude, it is not possible to even attempt to write one or two paragraphs here to even begin to try to explain Our position.

By the most Holy Will and Grace of God, We have had the great Blessing to have personally met, and personally known, at least four Holy Saints of God.  Our second example is one of these Holy Catholic Saints who is a Holy Martyr of the Roman Catholic Church!

Our second example is Bishop Moisés Carmona y Rivera:

Bishop Saint Moisés Carmona y Rivera

[b. at Quechultenango, Guerrero, Mexico on Thursday, October 31, 1912 A.D.
d. martyred by agents the .Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-churchin Mexico
on Friday, November 1, 1991 A.D.], Roman Catholic Bishop for Acapulco, Mexico,
and a member of the Union Católico Trento (Catholic Union of Trent).
He resided at Acapulco, Mexico.

Above photo shows Bishop Saint Moisés Carmona y Rivera holding Our left arm (all that is showing of Us in this photo) many years ago.  We are only partially in this photo in order for everyone to better focus on, and not to be any kind of a distraction concerning, this Holy Saint:   Bishop Saint Moisés Carmona y Rivera  of Acapulco, Mexico.


This Apostate and Heretic is an ardent and zealous propagator of the Communist KGB invention - which the Communists called Liberation Theology, namely:  MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio. the pseudo-“pope” of the .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church..of .automatically  excommunicated. .Apostates, .Modernist Heretics, and .NEW Theology Heretics.

Americans, in general, totally reject, and refuse to accept, his Apostate and Heretical Communist KGB   Liberation Theology  by which Bergoglio, preaching the anti-Christ Heresy of    Liberation Theology, via this Communist KGB invention, is trying to force the U.S.A. to remove all of its fences and walls on the U.S./Mexican border while Mexico is building a wall on its Southern Border!

We hope and pray that this web page has sufficiently exposed what seems to be the secret  Communist and KGB Agent, Apostate and Heretic, MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the: pseudo - “pope”!

Secret Communist and KGB Agent, which Bergoglio seems to be by his actions?, but who is, very definitely an Apostate and Heretic, MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, has merely managed to make Americans despise him, and some now even hate him.

Many Catholics have publicly, and even many more have privately, stated that they have decided to leave his Apostate and Heretical anti-Catholic pseudo-church, for trying to force America to become defenseless on its Southern Border with Mexico by not having a really big, tall wall to keep out all evil people from entering the U.S. at the U.S./Mexican border.

Bergoglio should do what he wants the U.S.A. to do - tear down his own huge walls which go all around Vatican City!  Let's see Bergoglio apply the Communist KGB invention - which the Communists called Liberation Theology - to Vatican City and liberate Vatican City by destroying the huge walls which protect him inside Vatican City!

We respectfully request that Catholicsespecially all Catholics here in the U.S.A., join with Us in the special  Rosary Crusade  for the conversion of MR. Bergoglio, and all others who are members of the   .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church..of .automatically  excommunicated. .Apostates, .Modernist Heretics, and .NEW Theology Heretics.

Here is the link for this special Rosary Crusade:

The  anti-Catholic .Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church's,
 .automatically   excommunicated..Apostate. and  .Modernist Heretic,
the Angry .Apostate.pseudo-pope


Date:  Tuesday,  February 16, 2016.


José María Morelos y Pavón Stadium, at Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico (Morelia is the capital of Michoacan), which is located North-West of Mexico City.


Video footage (available on YouTube) shows that the pope was walking at the edge of a crowd when he stopped to greet children sitting in wheelchairs who were suppose to be the first ones to be greeted by the pope.

However, some of the people behind the children in wheelchairs  became impatient and did not want to wait for their turn to be greeted.  It is not clear if it was a man or a woman who, having become extremely  impatient,  reached out and grabbed the pope in very uncivilized behavior, refusing to release him.

This caused the pope to loose his balance, and to fall forward, with his chest pressing on the head of the young girl sitting in her wheelchair directly in front of the pope.  His security men prevented the pope from falling to the ground.

Thereupon, the pope seemed to check on the welfare of the girl and kissed her head before he stood up.  His face turned angry when he looked directly at the uncivilized person who had grabbed him.  The pope raised his voice and said something twice in Spanish as he angrily gesticulated, especially with his right arm and right hand.

However, the very loud music drowned out exactly what the angry pope said in the video, although some media sources claim that the angry pope said either:

1) “Eso no se hace!” (“You don’t do that!”), or, 2) “No seas egoista.” (“Don’t be selfish.”).
Another source claims the pope angrily yelled:
“No seas egoísta. Qué te pasó? No seas egoísta!”  (“Do not be selfish. What happened to you? Do not be selfish.”)
Speaking after the incident, the official Vatican press secretary, Federico Lombardi, said that it was a “normal human reaction” to the “excessive enthusiasm” of certain admirers.

Historically, this pope has said that he is prone to anger, but that his bad temper does not last.


This episode merely proves the grave errors and dangers of discarding the historical traditional procedures which Roman Catholic Popes have used to keep themselves safe from crowds and otherwise negative situations, including uncivilized behavior.

One is left to wonder WHY it is that this Apostate angry “pope” has NOT become angry, not only at all of the child molesting priests, bishops, and cardinals, but also at all of the anti-Catholic changes of the changes of the never-ending changes to the unchangeable Catholic Traditional Dogmatic Doctrines, and also the unchangeable Liturgical Rites for Offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Administering the Seven Sacraments, not to mention his failure to condemn the Heretical and Apostate Synod Vatican 2, and all of the Apostate and Modernist NEW Theology, Theologians, all of whom have been automaticallyexcommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church.

A Few Random Visual Examples of REAL Roman Catholic
Traditional Papal Procedures Used to Prevent
The Type of Uncivilized, Wild Behavior Like the one of F-1
In Mexico on Tuesday,  February 16, 2016!

See How Civilized, Dignified, and Peaceful the Pope Is:

Prince Rainier and Princess Grace with Pope Pius XII
on an official visit to the Vatican on Wednesday, May 1, 1957.

Papal Audience in March, 1956

Notice how respectful this group of people is at a Papal Audience in March, 1956.  This group includes the personnel from the Australian carrier HMAS MELBOURNE which had docked for three days in Naples, Italy and also the Australian Embassy staff in Rome, Italy with the members of their families.  Also, notice how the Women are dressed.  This is obviously not a rowdy group of people, but very well-mannered and well-behaved individuals (not a wild mob), who are obviously very civilized, respectful, and dignified.

Notice How Even Ordinary People Approached
The Pope in a Dignified, Orderly, Civilized, Respectful Manner.

Papal Audiences with Other Small, Civilized and Respectful Groups of People:

No one in the above photos is obviously
even thinking about grabbing the Roman Catholic Pope!

The correct procedure in the Roman Catholic Church is to kiss the Papal Ring of the Pope, which is done only IF and WHEN the Pope presents his hand for this purpose.  (The same is also true of the Ring of all Bishops, of whatever rank of Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.)

NO ONE EVER is so bold as to presume to shake the hand of the Pope in the Roman Catholic Church!  (The same is also true of all Bishops, of whatever rank of Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.)

Of course, anything goes in the . .anti-Catholic..Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church..of .automatically  excommunicated. .Apostates, .Modernist Heretics, and .NEW Theology Heretics.

It is a surprise, thus far, that no one his actually ripped off the arm of pope F-1 as a memento of some anti-Catholic event its LAYMAN  fake and phony pope attends!

Judgement shall begin at the House of God.
(1 Peter 4:17)

The Blessing
V. Sit + Nomen Domini benedictum.
R. Ex hoc nunc, et usque in saeculum.
V. Adjutorium nostrum in
Nomine Domini.
R. Qui fecit cślum et terram.
V. Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus:
V. Pa + ter, et Fi + lius, et Spiritus + Sanctus, descendat super vos, et maneat semper.
R. Amen.
V. Blessed + be the Name of the Lord.
R. Now and for ever more.x
V. Our help is in the Name of the Lord.
R. Who made Heaven and earth.
V. May Almighty God Bless thee:x
V. The Fa + ther, the + Son, and the Holy + Ghost, descend upon thee, and always remain with thee.
R. Amen.

Our Blessed Mother asks Catholics to
Pray her Traditional Rosary daily.
The Rosary will really make a
Powerful difference in Your Life!

The Memorare
Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help or sought thy intercession, was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. To thee do I come; before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen. 
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