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From the Desk of
Patriarch Jacobus Maria DeJesus, D.D.
Vatican 2 Updated Schools

Sad to say, many of you who are reading this web page, and who attended "Catholic parochial schools" in the late 1960's, and/or in the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's, 2010's, have been victimized by the anti-Catholic  .Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church! In plain English, you have been brainwashed with the Heresy of Modernism and the Heresy of the NEW Theology Theologians, not to mention the Heresies and Apostasy of Synod Vatican 2!

Your Parents and/or Grandparents, who had, in some cases, attended some of these same "Catholic parochial schools", in the 1920's, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, and/or in the very early 1960's, had every reason to believe that when they sent their own Children to these very same "Catholic parochial schools", their Children would receive the very same Catholic Traditional Education which they, themselves, had received.

The tuition charged by such schools was a very heavy financial burden for most Parents, especially those who were poor.
But your Parents and/or Grandparents, were deceived and many of them did not discover this problem until after their Children had become adults!

Vatican 2 Updated Schools

Some Catholic Parents were very angry when they discovered they were deceived by “catholic” schools that taught their kids Modernist heresies instead of unchangeable Roman Catholic Truths!

Some Catholic Parents have been telling Us for many, many, many, many decades about their anger, disgust, and contempt for the so-called “catholic parochial schools” whom they expected to teach their Children the unchangeable Roman Catholic Truths, just as they, themselves had been correctly taught, as part of the previous generation, and frequently in the very same “catholic parochial school”!

But such Catholic Parents were deceived and many of them did not realize this was a problem until after their Children had become adults and began to argue with their Parents about various teachings.

Their Parents, having been taught correctly, attempted to correct the Modernist Heretical teachings, and the NEW Theology Heretical teachings, with which their Children had been brainwashed in the NEW Heretical and Apostate “catholic parochial schools” which had now becomehotbeds of everything anti-Catholic in what had de facto become the anti-Catholic .Satanic..Synod Vatican 2 pseudo-church.. of anti-Christ, thanks to the human agents and clones of anti-Christ, a.k.a. the demonic  Pastors Formed by Hell:

Mind Control Then
Nazi Salute

Mind Control Now
Synod Vatican 2
NEW mass salute


By Evil NEW Nazis
Parents Forbidden to Interfere!

Teenagers Brainwashed
By Evil NEW Life Teen mass
Catholic Parents:  IF You Love Your Children,
FORBID them to go to the Evil NEW Life Teen mass!


Archbishop Sheen on Vatican 2 Updated Schools

A thoughtful Reader provided this graphic which contains this alleged quote from Archbishop Sheen:

Yes, it IS True:   Catholic Children have lost - and continue to loose - their Catholic Faith by attending the anti-Catholic .SatanicSynod Vatican 2 pseudo-church   of   anti-Christ's Vatican 2 Updated Schools, thanks to the human agents and clones of anti-Christ, a.k.a. the demonic  Pastors Formed by Hell   as Prophecized by Our Blessed Mother on Tuesday, May 10, 1904!

We have heard this valid complaint for many decades from angry, hateful, bitter, disgusted Catholic Parents who have no use whatsoever for the so-called catholic parochial schools, for their personnel, for their so-called "pastors" and so-called "bishops" and so-called "popes"!

Instead, Catholic Children have been brainwashed with the Heresy of Modernism and the Heresy of the NEW Theology, nothing of which is faithful to teaching the"Catholic Traditional and Unchangeable Faith", by teachers automatically excommunicated from the Church!

Regarding the first part of the alleged quote from Archbishop Sheen:

If you want your children to fight for their faith, send them to public school,
this is neither wise nor prudent.  Why not?
Again, Catholic Parents, who did not have the money to pay for the high tuition charged by the so-called catholic parochial schools, and who, therefore, had no choice but to send their Catholic Children to pagan public schools, have also complained to Us for many decades about this problem!

Archbishop Sheen's logic is faulty because he presupposes that all of the Catholic Children he wants to be sent to pagan public schools have learned a sufficient amount of the Catholic Faith in order to be able to defend it.

But where, exactly, are these Catholic Children supposed to learn their Catholic Faith?  From a one hour CCD class once a week?  No way!

Catholic Parents have long complained to Us that their Children who attend, or who have attended, the pagan public schools, learn the false maxims of this world, including materialism.  Some ended up in gangs of various kinds.  Others learned paganism in one way or another, whether from the teachers and/or classmates.  Many of them certainly did not learn any morals, especially from at least some of their immoral classmates.  And so the list goes on.

Here is but one actual example from a pagan public high school of which We were informed many years ago.

Pagan student to Catholic student:

IF God is all-powerful, why is it that God can not create a square circle?
How many Catholic High School students do you know who have a sufficient knowledge of their Catholic Faith, at that Grade Level, to be able to correctly answer this question?

As a matter of fact, how many Adult Catholics currently have a sufficient knowledge of their Catholic Faith to be able to correctly answer this question?

The actual problem with this question is that it is not really a religious question at all!  It is what is called a fallacy!

So how many Catholic students, who are Seniors in a pagan public High School, have ever hear the word fallacy, let alone know what it means, or how many different types of fallacies exist?

What about adult Catholics - how many of you have ever hear the word fallacy, let alone know what it means, or how many different types of fallacies exist?

For the record, here is a partial list of a few fallacies:

Fallacies of Diction
Aristotle’s Six Fallacies of Diction
1  Equivocation
2  Amphibology
3  Composition/Compounding
4  Division/Dividing
5  Accent
6  A Figure of Speech
Extradictional Fallacies

A  Purely Logical Fallacies

B  Semi-logical Fallacies

1  Fallacy of Accident
2  Confusion of Absolute & Qualified Statement
C  Material Fallacies
1  Begging the Question
2 Irrelevant Conclusion/Missing the Point/Ignoring the Issue
3  Argumentum Ad Hominem
4  Argumentum Ad Populum
5  Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam
6  Argumentum Ad Verecundiam
7  Argumentum Ad Baculum
8  False Cause
9  Complexity of Question/Many Questions
Fallacies of Induction

Fallacies of Observation

1  Fallacies of Non-Observation
2  Fallacies of Mal-Observation/Optical Illusions
3  Fallacies of Generalization
Illicit Generalization

False Analogy

The correct answer to the question of the born-again pagan Sophist, is:
This is what is called a contradiction of terms.
The ontological essence of a circle is that it be round.
The ontological essence of a square is that it be 4 sides of equal length which have the same 45 degree angles and is in the shape of a box.
In other words, this question has nothing to do with God’s power, but rather with the ontological essence of each element, i.e. a circle and a square, which are contrary to each other.

Sophisms of this kind abound, especially today.

We tend to doubt that Archbishop Sheen was aware of just how cunning the modern-day pagan Sophists tend to be?

So, how many Readers got the correct answer before  reading the above answer?

Therefore, Archbishop Sheen was not realistic in saying that:

If you want your children to fight for their faith, send them to public school.
In other words, how many Catholic students, even Seniors in the pagan public schools, have learned Scholastic Philosophy?

Even today, how many Catholic parents have studied Scholastic Philosophy?

While We are at it, We must also wonder how many 1968, and later, Roman-Collared Laymen, pretend priests and pretend bishops, would be able to answer this question, because Scholastic Philosophy was thrown out of what used to be Roman Catholic Seminaries, at least since the beginning of the Fall Semester of 1963!????

The Heresy of the changes of the changes, namely the one and only unchangeble dogma of the Heresy of Evolution, teaches constant changes!  And, so it is, that:

Truth is Treason in the Kingdom of Lies!


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