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Part One:  Truth, Errors, Lies

Part Two:  The Church of Chaotic Confusion

Part Three: Several Brief Side-by-Side Video Comparisons of the 2 Different Masses

Part Four:  Prophecies of Our Lord, Blessed Mother, the Bible, About the NEW Mass
Including A Few Videos

Part Five:  From Whence Has This Evil Come?

Conclusion:  Your Ultimate Choice

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Part One
Truth, Errors, Lies

In Order To Avoid More Confusion, Here is a Brief Definition of Terms:

“Where plurality exists without order, confusion exists.”

(Saint Thomas Aquinas, O.P., [b. 1225 A.D. in Rocca Secca, Naples, Italy - d. Wednesday, March 7, 1274 A.D. in Fossa Nuova, Italy], Doctor of the Church: “Angelic Doctor”, “Common Doctor”; “Summa Theologica”,  Part I, Question 42, Article 3, On the Contrary; emphasis added).

What does this mean in modern English?  Where you have chaos, you have confusion.

What is the cause of chaos?  Contradictions.

But Truth does not contradict itself as the Angelic Doctor teaches:

“Truth cannot be Truth’s  contrary .”  (Saint Thomas Aquinas, O.P., “Summa Contra Gentiles”, Book V, Chapter 8.)

But why is it that “Truth cannot be Truth’s  contrary ”?

Because: “Every Truth without exception, and whoever may utter it, is from the Holy Ghost .”  (Saint Thomas Aquinas, O.P., “Summa Theologica”, Part I-II, Question 109, Article 1, Reply to Objection 1).

Said another way, this simply means that God the Holy Ghost can not contradict Himself, whether in the Scriptures or elsewhere.

The Ultimate Cause of Confusion

Therefore, the ultimate Cause of Confusion has to do with the lack of the TruthBut, where there is Truth, there can be no confusion, because Truth, by its very essence of being Truth, can not contradict itself.

Said another way, an erroneous Truth is not really a Truth, but rather an error, which, depending on the source of the error, can be, and frequently is, a lie.

Need We remind you that the Devil is the Father of Lies, as Christ Himself teaches:

42   Jesus therefore said to them:  If God were your Father, you would indeed love me.  For from God I proceeded, and came; for I came not of myself, but he sent me:
43   Why do you not know my speech?  Because you cannot hear my word.
44   You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do.  He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the Truth; because Truth is not in him.  When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own:  for he is a liar, and the father thereof.
45   But if I say the Truth, you believe me not.  (John 8:42-45; emphasis added.)
But Christ also teaches:  “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life.”  (John 14:6; emphasis added.)


Therefore, the ultimate reason why Catholics of today are confused is because they are not totally, 1000% certain, what really is, and is not, the Truth in regard to the Catholic Church of today!

Part Two
The Church of Chaotic Confusion

It may come as a surprise, a shock, and/or an unexpected historical Truth, that members of the Roman Catholic Church have been taught different, sometimes even contrdictory, "Truths", to some rather limited extent before 1940 and after 1940, but most especially after 1960!

The first primary example of this is the Catechism for Children.  In the U.S.A. it is the Baltimore Catechism.

Obviously, anyone can say anything!  Therefore, for those of you who want proof for this sttatemenet, please go to Our web page which covers this subject, including comparisons of both grahics and texts, which is at:

The second primary example of this is the Catechism for Adults translated from the original Latin text into various vernacular languages.

Concerning the Catechism for Adults, most Catholic do not know that Pope Saint Pius X required that Catechetical  Instruction for Adults must be based on “The Catechism of the Council of Trent”!
It has been translated into various vernacular languages, including English.  This Papal Document of Pope Saint Pius X is at:

A brief comparison of the English texts of:
1)  The “Catechism of the Catholic Church”, 1994 Second Edition, Revised in Accordance with the Official Latin Text which was Issued by Pope John-Paul 2;
2) The Roman Catechism, i.e. “The Catechism of the Council of Trent for Parish Priests”, issued by the Order of Pope Saint Pius V in  1566 A.D., translated by John A. McHugh, O.P., S.T.M., Litt.D., and by Charles J. Callan, O.P., S.T.M., Litt.D., with the Imprimatur: of + Patrick Cardinal Joseph Hayes, D.D., the Archbishop of New York, on Wednesday, January 3, 1923;
is at:

Part Three
Several Brief Side-by-Side Video Comparisons of the 2 Different Masses

Brief Videos of the Ancient Roman Rite
Catholic Traditional Solemn High Mass
(Link Below)

Brief Videos of the Novus Ordo Rite
The NEW mass of the Changes of the Changes
(Link Below)

Several Brief Side-by-Side Video Comparisons Between The Traditional Catholic Mass and The Novus Ordo Missae (NEW mass).  Plus:  Proof for Statements, Explanations, Etc.  These are at:

Part Four
Prophecies of Our Lord,
Our Blessed Mother,
And the Bible,
About the NEW mass
Including A Few Videos

Most Catholics are very surprised to learn that there are some prophecies about the so-called NEW mass of the changes of the changes of the changes!

The Prophecy of Jesus Christ is very specific and what Christ Prophecized was even verified by one of the people who was responsible for the changes to the Mass!

Automatically. .excommunicated. .Apostate, .Modernist. .Heretic, .NEW. .Theology. .Heretic,. Innovator, and anti-Catholic Infiltrator, Paul 6 actually admitted that he himself changed the Infallible & Unchangeable FORM  (Infallible Councils of Florence & Trent Decreed the Infallible and Unchangeable Form!):
“For PASTORAL REASONS, however, and to facilitate concelebration, we have directed that the words of the Lord be identical in each form of the can [i.e. Eucharistic Prayers #1, #2, #3, and #4].  Thus, in each eucharistic prayer, we WISH that the words be as follows:  over the bread:  Accipite et Manducate ex Hoc Omnes:  Hoc Est Enim Corpus Meum, Quod Pro Vobis Tradetur; over the chalice:  Accipite et Bibite ex Eo Omnes:  Hic Est Enim Calix Sanguinis Mei Novi et Æterni Testamenti, Qui Pro Vobis et Pro Multis Effundetur in Remissionem Peccatorum.  Hoc Facite in Meam Commemorationem.  The words Mysterium Fidei, NOW TAKEN OUT OF THE CONTEXT OF THE WORDS OF CHRIST, are said by the priest as an introduction to the acclamation of the faithful.”  (Pope Paul VI, Missalis Romani, Thursday, April 3, 1969 A.D., ¶ 6; emphasis added.  This is only one of many things which triggered his .automatic. excommunication!)

Our Blessed Mother Prophecized that
Rome would loose the Faith and become the seat of anti-Christ!


These BIG CHANGES, which had slowly begun in the early 1900's, began full-blast, so to speak, at Synod Vatican 2 [Thursday, October 11, 1962 - Wednesday, December 8, 1965], which was controlled by the anti-Catholic Infiltrators, as the direct result of the specific orders and command of 2nd John 23rd!  This Prophecy of Our Blessed Mother is about the Very Evil Synod Vatican 2!

They would elect a Pope of conciliation. The choice has already fallen on the patriarch of Venice - RoncalliChosen by whom?” I rejoined, surprised.  By our Masonic representatives in the Conclave, responded placidly my kind escort. And then it escaped me:

There are Freemasons in the Conclave?”  Certainly, was the reply,   the Church is in our hands. I rejoined perplexed:  “Who, then, is in charge in the Church?” After a brief pause, the voice of my escort uttered precisely: No one can say where the upper echelons are. The echelons are occult.

Whom did the Freemasons pre-select to be their pope?
Mr. Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli
The anti-Catholic,.automatically..excommunicated..Apostate,
.Modernist..Heretic, and.NEW..Theology..Heretic,
a.k.a., The Freemason pope, 2nd John 23rd


The anti-Catholic, pretend pope, fake and phony guy, a.k.a. 2nd John 23rd, 2nd John XXIII, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, who disobeyed Our Blessed Mother by refusing to make the Third Secret of Fatima public, just so he and his anti-Catholic buddies could have the Demonic Synod Vatican 2, which never would have happened if he had obeyed Our Blessed Mother, lay on his death bed knowing he was on his way to burn forever in Hell!

Stop the Council!  Stop the Council!

2nd pope John 23rd said this on his deathbed as quoted in Kevin Haney, “The Stormy History of General Councils,” Latin Mass magazine, Spring 1995, attributed to Jean Guitton [b. at Saint-Étienne, Loire, in East-Central France on Sunday, August 18, 1901 - d. at Paris, France on Sunday, March 21, 1999]. The Council which 2nd pope John 23rd wanted to have stopped was Vatican 2.  But this was much too little and way too late!

Automatically. Excommunicated. .Modernist. .Heretic.and.Apostate, cardinal Lienart

Pope Pius XII Concerning the 3rd Secret and the Changes to the Mass and Sacraments

Our Blessed Mother Prophecized about the New Sacraments!

Three Prophecies from the Old Testament of the Bible

The Two Prophecies of Daniel the Prophet Have Been Fulfilled

Daniel the Prophet

“And in the half of the week the Victim and the Sacrifice [of the Traditional Catholic Mass] shall fail: and there shall be in the Temple [i.e. in the Church] the Abomination of Desolation, [a.k.a. the NEW mass]:  and the Desolation shall continue even to the consummation, and to the end.”  (Daniel 9:27; emphasis added.)

“They shall defile the Sanctuary of Strength, and shall take away the Continual Sacrifice [of the Traditional Catholic Mass], and they shall place there the Abomination unto Desolation [the NEW mass].” (Daniel 11:31; emphasis added.)

N.B.The Jews NEVER had a Continual Sacrifice  which was a Clean Oblation as is the case of the Traditional Catholic Mass.  They had an altar of fire on which they burned their various sacrifices only from dawn until dusk.

So, then, to what does this Prophecy refer?

This Prophecy of Daniel the Prophect clearly refers ONLY to the so-called NEW mass, a.k.a. the Novus Ordo RIte, a.k.a. Novus Ordo Missae:

So, God the Holy Ghost, through the pen of Daniel the Prophet, prophecized about how the Continual Clean Oblation Sacrifice of the Gentiles shall fail: and there shall be in the Temple the Abomination of Desolation, the so-called NEW mass, a.k.a. the Novus Ordo RIte, a.k.a. Novus Ordo Missae.

The One Prophecy of Malachias the Prophet Fulfilled

Malachias the Prophet

The Holy Sacrifice of the Traditional Catholic Mass, which was Prophecized by the Jewish Prophet Malachias, was to be a continualClean Oblation Sacrifice of the Gentiles, for 24 hours per each day.

“For from the rising of the sun even to the going down, My Name is great among the Gentiles, and in every place [around the world] there is Sacrifice, and there is offered to My Name a Clean Oblation: for My Name is great among the Gentiles, saith the Lord of hosts.” (Malachias 1:11; emphasis added).

The Continual Sacrifice of the Gentiles
Prophecized by the Jewish Prophet Malachias

Before Synod Vatican 2, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the ContinualClean Oblation, was Offered in many geographical places around the world - in many, many places [around the world]  - so that the sun never set on the Offering of this Mass - the continual Clean Oblation Sacrifice of the Gentiles!


The future Pope Pius XII, Cardinal Pacelli, was very concerned about the 3rd Secret of Fatima Prophecy of Our Blessed Mother in regard to the alteration of the Faith in the Liturgy.  That was in 1933 which was eleven years before Sister Lucia wrote down the Third Secret in 1944!  Apparently Cardinal Pacelli had secretly visited Sister Lucia in 1933, or sometime before then?

A Few Random Examples of What the Prophecized
Abomination of Desolation Looks Like Today in Some Places!
Click on the Photos or Links for the Videos!
NOR = Novus Ordo Rite, the Actual Name for the NEW mass!

Dancing priest during NOR mass

NOR Circus Professional Snake Act mass

NOR mass with Liturgical Dancers

Dancing priests During NOR mass

Book of Gospels Grand Entrance for a NOR mass

The Hover Board priest During a NOR mass

Irreverant Procession on Roller Skates as an Entrance for a NOR mass

NOR  Circus mass Professional Clowns

NOR Table communion by priest-waiter to those sitting for anti-communion Druing Circus mass
NOR More Standing for It!

NOR Circus mass Professional Dancers

NOR Circus mass priest playing music
Maybe for the NOR Circus Professional Snake Charmer?

NOR mass priest Beats & Abuses Children During a NOR mass

NOR Circus Professional Acrobat mass

Confused Catholics:
This Nonsense is Supposed to be a Catholic Mass???

Unconfused Catholics:

Soooo Funny!!!

This Photo is Merely Symbolic of Some
Confused Catholics Who Were Laughing
Because  They  Could Clearly See That
They Were  NOT At A Real Catholic Mass
Because It Was Only a Circus with Clowns,
Acting Like PriestsPlus A Snake Act,
With Other Professional Circus Performers!
Where is the Lion Tamer With His Lions?

The NEW mass DESTROYED the Catholic Traditional Mass!

Some Catholics think that the NEW mass is merely an English translation of the Mass in Latin.  This is NOT true.  The NEW mass DESTROYED the Catholic Traditional Mass!  Here is what one of the people who killed the Catholic Traditional Mass admitted in his book:

Father Joseph Gelineau S.J.

The NEW mass is a different liturgy. This needs to be said without ambiguity. The Roman Rite... has been DESTROYED!”  (Father Joseph Gelineau S.J. [b. at Champ-sur-Layon, Maine-et-Loire, West-Central France, on Sunday, October 31, 1920 - d. at Sallanches, a commune in the Haute-Savoie  department in the Rhône-Alps, South-Eastern France, on Friday, August 8, 2008].

He was a Synod Vatican 2 peritus - expert - who helped to make up the NOR along with other anti-Catholics and the 6 Protestants. He was proud of what he did, and a professional apologist for the NOR.  This quotation is from his book - Demain La Liturgk, Paris, 1976, pp. 9-10; emphasis added).

Therefore, by this public admission, Father Joseph Gelineau S.J. proves and verifies, without any shadow of the tinest doubt, that the two Prophecies of Daniel the Prophet - Daniel 9:27 and Daniel 11:31- have been fullfilled.

Likewise, Father Joseph Gelineau S.J. proves and verifies, without any shadow of the tinest doubt, that the Prophecies of Jesus Christ to Marie-Julie Jahenny about the NEW mass, not to mention all of the other evil changes Christ Prophecized, have been fullfilled and are before the eyes of all Catholics today.

In addition, Father Joseph Gelineau S.J. proves and verifies, without any shadow of the tinest doubt, that the Prophecies of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Marie-Julie Jahenny about the evil changes, including the NEW sacraments, the “dispersion of the pastors” by the church herself; true Pastors, who have already been replaced by others formed by Hell.

How many Catholics today now have Pastors who have been formed by Hell and who use the book of the second celebrationthis book, sealed with the words of the abyss - Hell?

How can such Catholics save their Immortal Souls IF their own Pastors have been formed by Hell and IF such Pastors formed by Hell use the book of the second celebrationthis book, sealed with the words of the abyss - Hell?!

Anyone can claim that these Prophecies are not true.  However, even Father Joseph Gelineau S.J., by writing “The NEW mass is a different liturgy. This needs to be said without ambiguity. The Roman Rite... has been DESTROYED”, publicly verifies and testifies that these Prophecies are in fact TRUE!

Those who still want to doubt these irrefutable Truths are simply in a state of shock and/or in denial!

Another possibility is that their ego can not admit that they have been victimized by their own Pastors who have been formed by Hell and who usethe book of the second celebrationthis book, sealed with the words of the abyss - Hell!

The proof is self-evident:

Those Pastors who use the NEW mass and the NEW sacraments  thereby publicly prove and verify that they are in fact Pastors who have been formed by Hell and who use the book of the second celebration - this book, sealed with the words of the abyss - Hell!

Today, more and more Roman-Collared Laymen are leaving their parishes because they now realize that none of them have any Spiritual and Sacramental power to offer Mass and to administer the Sacraments!  Roman-Collared Laymen also have the very real and terrible fear they will go to Hell because their fake and phony “sacraments” had no power to prevent the Souls of their too-trusting Parishioners from going to Hell because these fake and phony priests have no power to absolve from any sins, including Mortal Sins!


Newly Un-Confused Angry Catholics
Condemn Phony pope, Fake francis:
You are the apostle and preacher
Of the Communist KGB Invention,
Liberation Theology
Which Preaches No Borders for Countries
Which Condemns Physical Walls
For Every Country to Protect Itself
From Criminal Invaders and Illegals!

This is Demonic, Blatant Communism!

NOTEPhony pope, Fake francis,
IS An .Automatically. .Excommunicated.
Heretic and A Notorious Apostate!

WARNINGPhony pope, Fake francis,
Is NOT Even A Real Catholic!

One of the Phony popes of the Ape church!

Part Five
From Whence Has This Evil Come?

Pope Saint Pius X Provides Part of the Terrible Answer:

Another part of the answer was provided by Mrs./Dr. Bella V. Dodd told her friend, Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, The Theologian, that:

“When she was an active party member [in 1949], she had dealt with no fewer than four cardinals within the Vatican who were working for us, [i.e. the Communist Party].”
After her defection from the Communist Party in 1949, she revealed that one of her jobs, as a Communist agent, was to encourage young radicals to enter Roman Catholic Seminaries. She claims that before she had left the Communist Party in the U.S., she had encouraged 1,100 young radicals to infiltrate Roman Catholic Seminaries and Religious Orders:
In the 1930’s, we put eleven hundred men into the priesthood in order to destroy the Church from within.The idea was for these men to be ordained, and then climb the ladder of influence and authority as Monsignors and Bishops”.   (Emphasis added.)
This explains WHY there were numerous Communist Bishops at Synod Vatican 2 whose votes helped to destroy the Catholic Church, not to mention how these Communist priests and bishops were also busy destroying everything Catholic in their own local parishes and dioceses!

What Dr. Dodd told Dr. Alive von Hildebrand, and also those who attended many of her public lectures, was verified in part by:

“The Venona Secrets
Exposing Soviet Espionage and America’s Traitors”.

It was written by Herbert Romerstein and Eric Breindel.

The subject matter concerns Soviet Communist espionage in the United States before, during, and after WWII.  The source for this work was obtained from the official Communist Party archives in Moscow, Russia.

“When Eric and I compared the ‘Verona’ material with the documents we had obtained from the Soviet archives and with material the FBI had released about its investigations, we realized that the whole story had not yet been told....”  Among other things, these archives confirmed the existence of operationOutstretched Handwhich included the infiltration of Communists into Roman Catholic Seminaries!  Just like Bella Dodd said in her speeches and also before the U.S. Congress!
The Communist KGB Invented the Heresy Known as: Liberation Theology.  After his defection, Former Communist General Ion Mihai Pacepa revealed this to the American CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

Did you know that today, the # 1 Apostle, who constantly preaches the Communist Heresy of Liberation Theology, is none other than the Communist South American Jesuit, MR. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a.k.a. pretend pope F-1This is one reason why the Communist cardinals selected Mr. Bergoglio to be their Communist pope!

Despite the propaganda to the contrary, popes are no longer elected, they are selected in advance:

Sadly, many Confused Catholics continue to go to the “Ape” [Communist] “church”, which is the opposite, the reverse, of the Roman Catholic Church, because they do not know many of the historical and other facts which objective, true facts do take some personal effort and time to try to discover and to determine.

Therefore, this is WHY We have this web site with its over 200 web pages which are only a part of the many, many decades of Our own research on some of these subjects which We make available to all Visitors because We know that Confused Catholics have no idea of where to begin to start to do their own research which can be very confusing to most sincere people.

So, instead of Our Visitors having to spend hundreds of thousands of hours, time which most Catholics do not have, here, on only this one web site, Visitors can take advantage of Our many, many decades of research on the many different subjects, some of which most Catholics will find to be very helpful in prayerfully discovering the Truth so that they are no longer, and can never be again, confused!

For example, We reveal some of the Communist Infiltration of the Catholic Church, including this important prophecy of Archbishops Sheen, which, to the best of Our knowledge at this time, no other web site has:

“[Satan] will set up a counterchurch which will be the APE of the [Catholic] Church....  It will have all the notes and characteristics of the [Catholic] Church, but in reverse and emptied of its Divine content.”  (Archbishop Sheen,  “Communism and the Conscience of the West”, 1948.)
This current web page has  many photos of great interest and importance for all Catholics which should help to fill in some important facts not readily available, completely and totally, on any one web page elsewhere:

For example, because of the gross ignorance of so many of the misguided clergy of the above pseudo-catholic church, one finds the attempt to actually defend the monster known as the Novus Ordo Rite, i.e. the NEW mass!  Our Response to the Misguided Attempt to Defend the New Mass, With Extensive Commentaries, is at:

Did You Know?

Historical Statistics of over 50 Years
Prove Planned Chaos and Destruction Deliberate

By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, and the evil tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit” (Matthew 7:15-17).

Stop the Council

Stop the Council!  Stop the Council!

(2nd pope John 23rd, on his deathbed.  Quoted in Kevin Haney, “The Stormy History of General Councils,” Latin Mass magazine, Spring 1995, attributed to Jean Guitton [b. at Saint-Étienne, Loire, in East-Central France on Sunday, August 18, 1901 - d. at Paris, France on Sunday, March 21, 1999]. The Council which 2nd pope John 23rd wanted to have stopped was Vatican 2.  But this was much too little and way too late!)

50% of priests believe in the Real Presence.
53% believe in abortion.
70% ages 18-44 believe Eucharist only “symbolic”.
77% believe mass attendance not necessary.
90% of religious lay teachers teach contraception.
94% decline in nuns.
97% decline in seminarians.
Over 100,000 Priests have left the Priesthood.

Given the foregoing, it should be plain that the fruits of Synod Vatican 2 - which the 2nd Pope John 23rd wanted stopped - are rotten.  Here are some of its historically rotten fruits filled with the stench of Satanism:

From 1965 to 1973, between 22,000 and 25,000 Priests left the Priesthood.

Today, this figure has reached over 110,000.

In addition, 157,000 out of 365,000, or about 43%, of what were once Roman Catholic parishes have no resident Priest.

In 1970 there were 1,003,670 women Religious with perpetual or provisional vows; in 1992 that number was down to 655,031 (cf. “In the Murky Waters of Vatican II”, ISBN 0-89555-636-7).

The 1998 edition of the Official Catholic Directory of the Vatican 2 church in the U.S. revealed that the number of seminarians was only 1,700, a decline of almost 97% from the 1965 figure of 48,992.

In countries such as France and Holland the percentage of Catholics going to the Vatican 2 church New Mass each Sunday has declined to a single digit.  In the U.S., attendance at Vatican 2 churches has steadily declined from 71% in 1963 to 25% percent in 1993, a decrease of 65%.

Newsweek polls and surveys show that only 15% of the members of the Vatican 2 church believe they should always obey the teachings of their church.

Almost as many Vatican 2 catholics think abortion is permissible as non-Catholics, and 75% of members of the Vatican 2 church disagree with their church on what it teaches in regard to the forbidding of divorce and contraception.

Another study revealed that only 25% of Vatican 2 church “catholics”  now believe in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist and only 50% of Vatican 2 priests still believe in the Real Presence.

Who could possibly claim that there is not a terrible crisis of Faith, especially in what used to be Roman Catholic Churches now illegally operated and owned by the Vatican 2 church?

Such are some of the rotten fruits of the Vatican 2 church that used to be the Roman Catholic Church before it was hijacked at Synod Vatican 2 by Communists, Freemasons, Satanists, and Modernist Infiltrators who should be congratulating themselves on their victory?!

In case you missed it, here are a few similar facts of how By their fruits you shall know them:

Did You Know?

An Index of Catholicism’s Decline

A Review by Pat Buchanan

As the Watergate scandal of 1973-1974 diverted attention from the far greater tragedy unfolding in Southeast Asia, so, too, the scandal of predator-priests now afflicting the Catholic Church may be covering up a far greater calamity.

Thirty-seven years after the end of the only church council of the 20th century, the jury has come in with its verdict: Vatican II appears to have been an unrelieved disaster for Roman Catholicism.

Liars may figure, but figures do not lie. Kenneth C. Jones of St. Louis has pulled together a slim volume of statistics he has titled Index of Leading Catholic Indicators: The Church Since Vatican II.

His findings make prophets of Catholic traditionalists who warned that Vatican II would prove a blunder of historic dimensions, and those same findings expose as foolish and naive those who believed a council could reconcile Catholicism and modernity. When [2nd] Pope John XXIII threw open the windows of the church, all the poisonous vapors of modernity entered, along with the Devil himself.

Index of Leading Catholic Indicators: The Church Since Vatican II

Here are Jones's grim statistics of Catholicism's decline:


While the number of priests in the United States more than doubled to 58,000, between 1930 and 1965, since then that number has fallen to 45,000. By 2020, there will be only 31,000 priests left, and more than half of these priests will be over 70.


In 1965, 1,575 new priests were ordained in the United States. In 2002, the number was 450. In 1965, only 1 percent of U.S. parishes were without a priest. Today, there are 3,000 priestless parishes, 15 percent of all U.S. parishes.


Between 1965 and 2002, the number of seminarians dropped from 49,000 to 4,700, a decline of over 90 percent. Two-thirds of the 600 seminaries that were operating in 1965 have now closed.


In 1965, there were 180,000 Catholic nuns. By 2002, that had fallen to 75,000 and the average age of a Catholic nun is today 68. In 1965, there were 104,000 teaching nuns. Today, there are 8,200, a decline of 94 percent since the end of Vatican II.

Religious Orders.

For religious orders in America, the end is in sight.

In 1965, 3,559 young men were studying to become Jesuit priests. In 2000, the figure was 389.

With the Christian Brothers, the situation is even more dire. Their number has shrunk by two-thirds, with the number of seminarians falling 99 percent. In 1965, there were 912 seminarians in the Christian Brothers. In 2000, there were only seven.

The number of young men studying to become Franciscan and Redemptorist priests fell from 3,379 in 1965 to 84 in 2000.

Catholic schools.

Almost half of all Catholic high schools in the United States have closed since 1965. The student population has fallen from 700,000 to 386,000. Parochial schools suffered an even greater decline. Some 4,000 have disappeared, and the number of pupils attending has fallen below 2 million -- from 4.5 million.

Though the number of U.S. Catholics has risen by 20 million since 1965, Jones' statistics show that the power of Catholic belief and devotion to the Faith are not nearly what they were.

Catholic Marriage.

Catholic marriages have fallen in number by one-third since 1965, while the annual number of annulments has soared from 338 in 1968 to 50,000 in 2002.

Attendance at Mass.

A 1958 Gallup Poll reported that three in four Catholics attended church on Sundays. A recent study by the University of Notre Dame found that only one in four now attend.

Only 10 percent of lay religious teachers now accept church teaching on contraception.

Fifty-three percent believe a Catholic can have an abortion and remain a good Catholic.

Sixty-five percent believe that Catholics may divorce and remarry.

Seventy-seven percent believe one can be a good Catholic without going to mass on Sundays.

By one New York Times poll, 70 percent of all Catholics in the age group 18 to 44 believe the Eucharist is merely a "symbolic reminder" of Jesus.

At the opening of Vatican II, reformers were all the rage.

They were going to lead us out of our Catholic ghettos by altering the liturgy, rewriting the Bible and missals, abandoning the old traditions, making us more ecumenical, and engaging the world.

And their legacy?

Four decades of devastation wrought upon the church, and the final disgrace of a hierarchy that lacked the moral courage of the Boy Scouts to keep the perverts out of the seminaries, and throw them out of the rectories and schools of Holy Mother Church.

Through the papacy of Pius XII, the church resisted the clamor to accommodate itself to the world and remained a moral beacon to mankind. Since Vatican II, the church has sought to meet the world halfway.

Jones' statistics tell us the price of appeasement.


This web site has many web pages which explain many areas of which the average adult Confused Catholic is not aware.  Therefore, here is the link to the Contents web page:

We pray for everyone who visits any/all of Our web pages on this web site.

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedules to read the important facts on this web page.

God Bless You!

Patriarch Jacobus Maria DeJesus, D.D.

Conclusion:  Your Ultimate Choice

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Nomine Domini.
R. Qui fecit cœlum et terram.
V. Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus:
V. Pa + ter, et Fi + lius, et Spiritus + Sanctus, descendat super vos, et maneat semper.
R. Amen.
V. Blessed + be the Name of the Lord.
R. Now and for ever more.x
V. Our help is in the Name of the Lord.
R. Who made Heaven and earth.
V. May Almighty God Bless thee:x
V. The Fa + ther, the + Son, and the Holy + Ghost, descend upon thee, and always remain with thee.
R. Amen.

Our Blessed Mother asks Catholics to
Pray her Traditional Rosary daily.
The Rosary will really make a
Powerful difference in Your Life!

Please Help a Suffering Soul in Purgatory NOW!
Blessed are the Merciful:
for they shall obtain Mercy.”
(Matthew 5:7)

Our own REAL Personal Experiences
Regarding the Poor Souls In Purgatory

The Memorare
Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help or sought thy intercession, was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. To thee do I come; before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen. 
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