Roman Catholic Traditional 
1941 Missae Defunctorum
Roman Catholic Traditional Requiem Masses for the
Happy Repose of the Souls of the Faithful Departed

Offered by
Patriarch Jacobus Maria DeJesus, D.D.
Using a Roman Catholic Traditional 1941 Missae Defunctorum


Requiem Aeternam dona eis, Domine.
Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them, O Lord.

Stipend for EACH Roman Catholic Traditional Requiem Mass is only $35.00. (U.S. Funds Only Please!)

N.B.:  Please mark as many boxes as you like.  Please remember, there is only ONE Mass Offered for EACH ONE Soul. For example, IF you mark 2 boxes, you are requesting two Masses and you would mail a Stipend for the total of these two Masses = $70.00, along with this filled-out form which you will have printed and to which you will have attached your check before mailing.

My Spouse My Grandfather My Uncle
My Child My Grandmother My Aunt
My Father My Brother One of my Relatives
My Mother My Sister One of my Friends
A Religious Nun or Sister 
     who taught me in school
A Priest or Bishop who 
      gave me Sacraments
A Priest or Bishop who 
     taught me in school
A Priest or Bishop
     at whose Masses I assisted
A Religious Brother who 
     taught me in school
An Unknown Soul in Purgatory in 
     desperate need now
One of my Classmates One of my Neighbors A person who was special to me

IF possible, please type at least the first name of each one for whom you are requesting a Roman Catholic Traditional Requiem Mass, unless unknown.
Name 1:
Name 2:
Name 3:
Name 4:
Name 5:
Name 6:
I have enclosed a Stipdend total of $  for ______ Roman Catholic Traditional Requiem Masses. 

Please make your choices above, type in the data below, then print out this page, and make your check payable to Cordi-Marian Fathers.   Then mail this filled-out printed page and your completed check to this address::

Patriarch James
% Cordi-Marian Fathers
250 South Lyon Avenue, # DE - 005
Hemet, California 92543
Mailing address:
City:    State: 
Zip Code:
E-Mail Address:

Please double-check to make sure all of the data is correct.
Then print out this page. You may click on this Printer graphic if you prefer:

Please note: You will be notified by E-Mail of the exact date(s) which will be scheduled for each of your Roman Catholic Traditional Requiem Masses. But we can't do this without your exact E-Mail address. Thank you and God Bless You! Please click here to return to Contents Page.  Thank You!