Devotions to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

1. What is Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus?
It is a Devotion analogous to Devotion to the Five Wounds of the Holy Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Just as one venerates the hands, the feet, the pierced side of our Dear Lord, so also, one worships His Divine Heart.

In so doing, one worships the real heart that was wounded for us on the Altar of the Cross on Calvary, not but a mere image of it.

This Holy Devotion is none other than a particular way of honoring Jesus Christ Himself, just as Devotion to His Holy Wounds is an august Devotion to the Lord Himself, manifested under a most special aspect.

And why this special way of honoring Christ?   Because there are special motives for so doing. His Wounds are honoured as the symbol of His Passion, and as the effect of His Infinite Divine Love for each and everyone of us.

His Divine Heart is worshipped:

1) As the seat, and, therefore, as the symbol, of the Infinite Divine Love He bore us.

2) As the source and fountain of all of His Divine favors, particularly of His Passion, and the institution of the Sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist.

3) As the Infinite Sanctuary of all Graces and Virtues.

4) As the standard and exemplar of Sanctity, to which our hearts should conform.

These four motives are most truly found in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus:
1) As the head is the source and symbol of intelligence, by the same token, the heart is befittingly regarded as the source and symbol of love and all affection.  In this way, you sometimes hear how a certain man has “the heart of a Father”, and/or, what is not so common in this day and age, “the heart of a friend”.

2) As from “the heart of a Father”, all good things flow to his family, so also from the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus all Graces come to all of us who choose to seek them.  Just as our celestial sun is the source of light and heat in this world all of us share together with each other, so also the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is the fount and origin of all the Divine Love and bounty that are diffused in the world of Souls.

3) As the heart of a just man is the Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit, which goest to explain why the Holy Martyr, Leonides, kissed the breast of his sleeping Son, Origen, so too, but in an Infinite way, the Divine Sanctuary of God is the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus:

A)  “For in Him [Christ] dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead corporeally.”  (Colossians 2:9).

B) “In Whom are hid all the treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge.” (Colossians 2:3).

The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is the mystical glory and treasure of
“that which lieth hid within.”  (Canticle of Canticles 4:3).
The images and figures of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus are:
1) The Ark of the Covenant.
2) The precious gem spoken of in the Gospel.
3) The treasure hidden in the field.
4) The garden and paradise into which the spouse of the Canticles is invited:
“I am come into my garden, O my sister, my spouse.”  (Canticle of Canticles 5:1).
4) The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is our exemplar.  Consider, for a moment, how your heart, in which is contained all of the affections of your Soul, should be regulated and made to conform to some type.

But where do you find such a type which can really and truly satisfy such craving? It is to be found in the one and only Divine Heart - the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus
Appearing to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

What of the Origin of this Devotion?

Although from the beginning the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus was an object of worship to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to the beloved Apostle, Saint John, to Saint John Chrysostom, as well as many others, it pleased our Dear Lord to make this devotion known in a most special manner, through a Private Revelation in 1670 A.D. to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, to whom He showed His Divine Heart burning with the flames of the Fire of Divine Love and wounded with a lance, whilst He said:
“Behold My Heart, which has so loved men”.
Thereafter, especially beginning in 1763 A.D., the Holy Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus was approved by the Church and propagated in a wonderful manner.

How should you Practice the Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus?

You can do so by venerating, invoking, praying to, and meditating on, the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, in addition to making the First Fridays of nine consecutive months IF you have access to a Real Roman Catholic Traditional Mass.

Approach the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus as an open Sanctuary, and as the Infinite Fountain of inexhaustible Graces!  So also, strive to console the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus for the gross indifference and despicable ingratitude of mankind among so many of whom today, it is so sad to say, Catholics - Catholics whose Religious education and training should have taught them this wonderful Devotion but which, due to the rampage of the Heresy of Modernism, which is

“...the errors of the Modernists that is, the synthesis of all heresies” (Roman Catholic Pope, Saint Pius X, Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto [Tuesday, August 4, 1903 - Thursday, August 20, 1914], Motu Proprio - On His Own Initiative - PRÆSTANTIA SCRIPTURÆ SACRÆ, Monday, November 18, 1907, ¶ 5),
it has been conveniently ignored with the excuse too often heard today about it being “old fashioned” and/or “not in with the times”!

Let all Catholics now make a real effort to try, by the Grace of God, to repair the injuries, outrages,  and sacrileges committed against the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I remember seeing a photograph which was taken of a Satanic firing squad of some of the human instruments of the Devil who were shooting at a most innocent target: a Statue of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus!  Such was their insane hatred for the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus!

Sad to say, although Catholics today do not resort to taking part in similar firing squads, yet too often too many Catholics, by their rampant indifference, or what has become even worse as the result of the infiltration of the Church by atheistic Communists, a blatant disregard for Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus as witnessed by smaller and smaller numbers of Catholics who make a sincere effort to make their First Fridays, for those Roman Catholics who have access to a Real Roman Catholic Traditional Mass in a Real Roman Catholic Church or Chapel with a Real, Valild, Roman Catholic Priest or Prelate.

On the contrary, let all real Catholics - not the cafeteria Catholics who only pick and choose what only their whims endorse - keep before their eyes the image of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
This image can be one or more statues, or pictures, in their homes, their vehicles, their work-places and to have the Enthronement of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus performed at their home altars in their homes, most especially those of you who number in the millions upon millions of Catholics who are Faithful to the authentic Apostolic Tradition.
How does the Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Differ from that to the Most Blessed Sacrament?
There is both a difference, and yet still close affinity of the one with the other.

For example, you can  adore the Sacrament Presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament which is present in the Tabernacle on the Main Altar, a.k.a. High Altar, in your Catholic Church, without any specific reference to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

However, because our Dear Lord manifests His Divine Love in a special way in the Sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist, and at the same time commends Devotion to His Most Sacred Heart, it is natural, in view of this intimate connection, that, while you adore the Jesus Christ Who is present in the Sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist, your eyes of Faith and Devotion should, at the same time, turn to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

How does Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Differ from Devotion to the Passion of Jesus Christ?
Practically speaking, just as in the preceding case. When you consider how the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus has loved you, it should naturally occur to your mind at the same time how this very same Divine, Infinite Love, which the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus has for you is the same love manifested for you in His Holy Passion - this Divine Love being identical in both instances.
This explains why the memory of the Sacred Passion of Jesus Christ is essentially contained in Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.  So much so is this True that our Holy Mother the Church commemorates the intimate union of these two in her prayers and hymns, both the Divine, Infinite Love and Sacred sufferings of our Divine Saviour, Jesus Christ, and which union is perfectly made visibly manifest in the fact that both the statues and holy pictures of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus depict his Most Sacred Heart, atop of which is a Cross surrounded by the flames of the Fire of Divine Love,  encircled with a Crown of Thorns and His Most Sacred Heart, which was cut by a lance on the Cross, depicted with drops of His Most Precious Blood coming forth out of the cut in His Most Sacred Heart, and the top of His Most Sacred Heart showing flames which represent His Divine Love for you which is so intense that it is burning, it is on fire with the flames of Divine Love for you!

2. Why Should You Practice
Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus?

Because we are urged by many motives, some coming from God, some from the Catholic Church, and some having to do with ourselves.
Such is the lovableness of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, that it merits, and should win, the love, the veneration, and the special devotion, of every human heart. Would that this Divine lovableness were known!  It shines forth at every point in the Life of Christ - from His birth in the manger to His death on the cross, and most especially in the Sacrament of His Infinite, Divine Love - the Sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist.  In the tears that ran down His cheeks, in the sweet words of forgiveness to sinners, in every work of mercy He performed, the Divine Love of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus was evident and shone forth.

Because we are urged by motives of gratitude and reparation which helps us to return a most special thankful gratitude for His many and great favors.  And seeing that most of mankind are not only unmindful of what the Divine Love of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus has done for them, but which offer insult instead of thanks, it is meet that real and True Catholics - Catholics in deed as well as in word - should do what they can do to make atonement and reparation for such ingratitude and indifference in the present virtual moral plague of degenerative erysipelasly atheistic, modernistic, vituperative  behavior.

Because we are urged by the invitation of the Lord Himself, Who, in manifesting the Holy Mystery of His Most Heart, sweetly and earnestly seeks the love of faithful souls.

You are prompted thereunto by personal advantages, in the precious fruits you can thereby gather.  For Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is:

1) The Fount of Consolation.
2) The Fount of Grace.
3) The Fount of Sanctity.
4) The Fount of Light.
5) The Fount of Purity.
6) The Fount of Strength.
1. Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is the Fount of Consolation to your heart in every sorrow, whether external or internal, that may afflict it. Sorrow may be deep and great, but deeper and greater are the resources of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and, what is more, they are never exhausted because they are Infinite!

2 & 3. Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is also the Fount of Grace and the Fount of Sanctity.  Why?  Because this Holy Devotion makes your heart like the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.  All sanctity is to be found in the heart where is found Grace and Virtue, and those affections of which the human heart is the seat.

Wherefore, if you thus mold your heart, you therefore, mold your life. And in one way only can you mold your heart, namely, by making it like the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.  So,  how can you do this? By drawing near to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and coming within its Divine influence.

For example:

1)  Cold iron which is put in a furnace soon becomes hot.
2)  A mirror exposed to the sun reflects its rays.
So this is the same way it works when you approach the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Remember how the face of Moses shone so brightly that he had to cover his face.  And why was it so bright?  Because Moses had talked with God:
“And the Lord spoke to Moses face to face
[i.e. in a most familiar manner.  N.B.:  It can not be taken literally, but figuratively, because in Exodus 33:20 you find that God did not reveal His Holy Face to Moses because God told Moses:   “Thou canst not see My Face: for man shall not see Me, and live”.],
as a man is wont to speak to his friend. And when he returned into the camp, his servant Josue, the son of Nun, a young man, departed not from the tabernacle.” (Exodus 33:11).

“And when Moses came down from the Mount Sinai, he held the two tables of the testimony [i.e. the Ten Commandments], and he knew not that his face was horned

[i.e. sending out very intensely bright rays of light somewhat similar to horns.  Statues and pictures that depict Moses with two physical horns are inaccurate.]
from the conversation of the Lord.  And Aaron and the children of Israel seeing the face of Moses horned
[i.e. having very intense bright rays of light in the shape of two horns],
were afraid to come near.....  And all the children of Israel came to him: and he gave them in commandment all that he had heard of the Lord on Mount Sinai.  And having done speaking, he [Moses] put a veil upon his face.  But when he went in to the Lord, and spoke with Him, he took it away until he came forth, and then he spoke to the children of Israel all things that had been commanded him.  And they saw that the face of Moses when he came out was horned, but he covered his face again, if at any time he spoke to them.” (Exodus 34:29-30; 34:32-35).
God the Holy Ghost, through the pen of the Apostle, teaches you how this works:
“But we all beholding the glory of the Lord with open face, are transformed into the same image from glory to glory, as by the Spirit of the Lord.” (2 Corinthians  3:18).
Each of us is transformed into Christ; we become meek, humble and patient, just as Christ Himself is meek, humble, and patient.  You become animated by the Spirit of Christ, so that you can truly say with the Apostle:
“And I live, now not I; but Christ liveth in me” (Galatians 2:20) which is the height of the real Spiritual Life!
4. Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is the Fount of Light.  It illumines the eyes of the Soul, so that it can discern the world of spirit, the world of Grace, the world of the Spiritual Life, a.k.a. the Interior Life.  It illumines by showing the form and exemplar of every virtue the exemplar expressed in symbol.

What do the lance, the thorns, and the cross signify? Do they not stand for sorrows, internal or external, and ignominies?  But why these in  the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus? By what torturer were these inflicted? Was it not by me and by my sins? And for this cruelty and ingratitude, the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus flashes back, not in vengeance, but as flames of the Fire of Divine Love.

In that heart I see no gems, no flowers, no golden diadem, but in it a lance, and around it thorns and atop it a cross with flames of fire. And yet what do I find in its inmost recesses?  Not vengeance, not ill-will, not impatience, not bitterness, but light and love’s purest flame. In a word, Charity - only Charity. And in that Charity all Virtues are contained. Thus does  the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, by this image of sanctity, illumine us, that, by the influence of the light of His Sacred Heart, He might imprint this same Sanctity on our hearts.

5.  Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is the Fount of Purity by cleansing us from our sins, even those which seem to be minor, and by making us detest and avoid every sin.

6.  Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is the Fount of Strength. We are strengthened by copious Graces, which flow from the Divine Heart as their source. This is particularly true of Charity, of which it is said:

“Love is strong as death.” (Canticle of Canticles 8:6).

“Where there is love there is no labor because the labor itself becomes an object of love.” (Saint Augustine, De Bono Viduitatis - On the Good of Widowhood, Chapter 26).

Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus has rich promises attached to it:
I will Bless every house in which a picture of My Heart shall be exposed and honored.
Here a word of explanation can be given as to the Blessings that come to the various classes of persons: to fathers of families, to the young, to those who labor, to the just, and to sinners.

Besides these promises which are for all, there are others that are special to Priests, and those who have the care of Souls, as may be read in the famous 12 Promises the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus made to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.

The 12 Promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque
to those who have
Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Especially the Great Promise
To Those who Make the Nine First Fridays

1. I will given them all of the Graces necessary for their state of life.

2. I will establish peace in their families.

3. I will Bless every place in which
a picture of My Heart shall be exposed and honored.

4. I will console them in all of their difficulties.

5. I will be their refuge during life and especially at the hour of death.

6. I will shed abundant Blessings upon all of their undertakings.

7. Sinners shall find in My Heart a fountain and boundless ocean of mercy.

8. Tepid souls shall become fervent.

9. Fervent souls shall rise speedily to great perfection.

10. I will give to Priests the power of touching the hardest hearts.

11. Those who propagate this devotion
shall have their names written in My Heart never to be blotted out.


12.  I promise thee, in the excessive mercy of My Heart, that My all-powerful Love will grant to all who receive Holy Communion on the First Fridays of nine consecutive months, the Grace of final repentance.  They will not die under My displeasure or without receiving their Sacraments. My Divine Heart shall be their safe refuge in their last moment.

The Blessing
V. Sit + Nomen Domini benedictum.
R. Ex hoc nunc, et usque in saeculum.
V. Adjutorium nostrum in
Nomine Domini.
R. Qui fecit cślum et terram.
V. Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus:
V. Pa + ter, et Fi + lius, et Spiritus + Sanctus, descendat super vos, et maneat semper.
R. Amen.
V. Blessed + be the Name of the Lord.
R. Now and for ever more.x
V. Our help is in the Name of the Lord.
R. Who made Heaven and earth.
V. May Almighty God Bless thee:x
V. The Fa + ther, the + Son, and the Holy + Ghost, descend upon thee, and always remain with thee.
R. Amen.

Our Blessed Mother asks Catholics to
Pray her Traditional Rosary daily.
The Rosary will really make a
Powerful difference in Your Life!

The Memorare
Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help or sought thy intercession, was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. To thee do I come; before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen. 
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